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    Senior Member DoctorDogmeat's Avatar
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    Great cave squig

    The model and idea is pretty cool though I think its really overpriced, with a night goblin riding it you can pretty much have a unit of squig hoppers. Anyone agree or could it be somehow worth the points?

    Has anyone ever used it and how would people suggest using them?

    My first thought is using a night goblin hero riding the squig and taking the "guzzlas battle brew", this would be particularly sneaky as even though he had frenzy (if of course he rolled it) he would surely not have to charge the nearest unit as you cannot declare charges with squigs.

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    i was wondering why these bosses on squigs allways show up in the O&G tactica!
    after a few battles of 'just goblins' it kicked in though.
    i play goblins only and i run out of 'special' and 'rare' options probably before i hit 600 pts xD. in tactica these guys are referred to as goblin heavy hitters, and thats how they work for me.

    Battle brew is a very cool option. a bit risky just like most goblin powercards, If the goblin turns stupid he'll be more or less braindead for the entire battle.

    anyway, I need one of these to defend my gunline against fast cav and flyers. after that he will go hunt for enemy generals. (yea he is that brave)
    backstabbas blade (Or one hit wunda) and tricksy trinket

    i prefer the cave squig over the giant spider
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    I run a defensive Night Goblin army with loads of Fanatics and smaller blocks of Goblins. I give the Gobbo on the Cave Squig the One Hit Wunda and the Brimstone Bauble and make him stay behind my lines until a small unit or lone hero comes near, and then I jump him out and eat the unit/character. And if he dies, he explodes.
    Armies: (Chaos) Space Marines [1250pts], O&G [2250 pts], OK [1000pts]
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