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    Second Place 2250 brazillian Tournament List

    Hello folks,

    With the following list I toke second place in a 3 plays, 1 day tournament
    I got 1 winning by minor victory Ogres, 1 win by massacre (against WoC) and one lose by massacre against Wood Elves, (to many shots, I miss with its dragon) the Wood Elves player took first place.

    Here follows:

    Black Orc Warboss on Chariot, heavy armour, warboss uns best, sword of battle, enchanted shield, bigged kicking boots, 6 attacks plus impact hits

    Night Goblin Shama lvl 1 2 dispel scroll

    Black orc Big Boss on Boar, BSB heavy armour, mork spirit totem (this goes on the ng unit)

    Goblin boss on a gigantic spider, tricksy trinket, backstabber blade, for a total of 6 poisoned attacks, fast cavalary (goes with one of spider riders unit) good against giants or ogres

    15 savages orcs big uns with spear full command

    20 orcs big uns with spear, full command and noggs banner of butchery (for a total of 20 attacks)

    27 ng with spear, full command and 2 fanatics

    2 units of 6 forest spider riders with bows

    6 orc boar big uns

    6 orc boar boys with boss

    2 spear chukka with bully

    1 doom diver

    1 giant

    my strategy was, flank deny, always, if there is a terrain in the middle of the field, better, chose the smaller side,
    place the 2 orcs in the front, and the ng in the middle behind, so the fanatics could protect the side or send it thru the 2 orcs units
    the spider riders on both side of the field, so you can chose the better position for your goblin spider boss,
    the giant behind or the side of orcs, and the chariot with the warboss behind to,

    the reason is to do the charge, or receive the charge and on next turn charge by the flank with the chariot, the giant and the other orcs proctect the sides,

    use your boars to protect your open flank, they wont do much, but will protec against side attacks,

    with these strategy I massacreted the warriors of chaos, chosing the smaller side (there were two houses in the middle of the field,
    He started, advancing all troops,
    I advance lass then he could charge me, and place the chariot behind the giant, so with these two I could charge his small unit, and on the general unit (with another heroe, and best unit) I would charge with my 2 orcs units
    with one orc unit (savage) I fail on animosity, however did not give up the charge,
    I charge with the orc boys the generals unit, he hold,
    than with the giant I charge the small unit (I think it was core unit) than he flees, and with the general I charge his general unit on the flank,
    I kill 4 with the impact hits, than with my general (6 attacks) I kill his heroe, making he lose special protection, he challeng me and I accepted it with my orc boss, and my unit massacreted his unit,
    ending, only a double 1 to not flee, he flees and with my chariot I slain his general


    with these he tried to fland me with light cavalary thru the 2 buildings, however I advance my ng unit and released the fanatics, so they protect my flank,
    with his heavy cavalary I just stand waiting the turn to charge with mine, however I hit 3 spear chukkas shot, leaving half of its strengh, than run over they,

    his 3 ogres, I charge than with the spider boss, killing 2 and half, and he kils 2 spiders mine, the combat resolution I won, and he fless, so I run over, again,

    the fleeing unit run of the field, and his hell cannon, I hit 3 times with doom diver (really nice guesses and lucky scatters dices)
    than just run over with my giant,

    was it, orc boys rulles,

    any comments? or suggestions? I still have trouble againts shooting army (dwarfs and woody elves)

    Mad Angel

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    ha! Great job chief!

    i love your list it has everything orcs can get and it won

    the gigantic spider sounds good, i want one >.<

    Just wondering, what kind of models do you use for the savage orc spearmen?
    Eternal Newbie

    Warchief Diggah o da Bloodmoon Squiggahs

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