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    Goblin wolf riders?...


    Can you acctually equip your Goblin wolf riders with both Bows and Spears, will they then be able to use both?
    What do they mean by Goblin wolf riders wont count as Fast cavalry if you equip them with sheilds, is this a bad thing?

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    Fast Calv is a MAIN rule from the main rule book.

    the nuts of the rules is:
    They can march and shoot their ranged weapons. It also allows them to reform freely during their movement.

    As to having both Spears/Bows... YES! You can take both on the Gobos but it will end up costing you a point for bows, and then another point for the spears.

    As to losing Fast Calv... that kinda is the purpose in the O&G army of the wolf riders. I personally do not believe them losing fast calv is a good thing over all for you army as most of your units are Rank and File, thus move them around can be difficult. Having a unit that can quickly move up, reform on a units flank and then charge the following turn is a HUGE advantage for the O&G that they aught to use to their full advantage.

    Hopefully that helps!

    Edit: Almost forgot!!! Fast Calv, as long as they choose to flee when being charged have the ability to move around the following turn like nothing happened. If your charged, flee, then hopefully they rally - assuming they rally - they can move and shoot as though nothing happend - though obviously due to the phases of the turn they cannot charge that turn.
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