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    Make some Arrer boyz

    I have been dinking around with my list and im trying to make a mostly Orc army. What would be the best/easiest/cheapest way to get a unit of Orc Arrer boyz? I like the metal models somewhat I just dont want to have a unit of 20 with only 3 model types. Plus to buy a unit of 20 is going to cost me alot of money im not trying to spend.
    Im no master modeler or anything but I have been thinking of possibly buying a box of warriors and converting them. How would one do that and still have the models look somewhat decent?
    If this should be in the modeling forums please by all means shove it over there. Thanks in advance.

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    the previous editions had plastic arrer boyz, which are not only cheap and came with the starter boxes, they are also plenty available in online marketplaces like

    these are even cheaper than converting xD

    Warhammer Orc Archers unit with Hero O&G Orcs Goblins - eBay (item 180456993260 end time Jan-25-10 12:58:55 PST)

    Warhammer Orc Arrer Boyz x12 - New on Sprue - eBay (item 140377057321 end time Jan-30-10 12:35:32 PST)

    Games Workshop - Warhammer ORC Arrer Boyz & Warriors - eBay (item 180460723421 end time Feb-23-10 08:520 PST)

    Warning: these fellas do not line up very well, with their bows and arms sticking out
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