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    Competitive All Goblins...... How?

    Ok, as many of you may know, I have recently come up with the idea of doing a Monty Python themed Empire army. I have decided to post-pone that for a few reasons. A: I suck at painting humans. B: I have very little money right now. C: I have a half completed goblin army that I have been meaning to finish. D:The idea of competitive goblins is so crazy and unexpected that I have to try it.

    So, my question for you guys is, how do you make a competitive all goblin army?
    (AKA, no orcs. Can include trolls, giants, and snotlings if necessary but I would much rather stick to ALL GOBLIN)

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    I personally think the goblins make the most competitive part of the greenskin armybook.

    If you want to win, focus on what their main strength is, compared to any other army.

    -numbers. 3 points for a 5+ save infantry or for a shortbow wielder. you could go nuts and go for 500 goblins in a single 2k points army. not even skaven wil manage that... unless you bring leadership 2 blocks heh

    - anyway first off the fanatics are brutal agains most armies.
    To make the best use of those, you will need large blocks so that you can ignore them yourself and march through them when needed. Some say use as many as you can find, i would say Don't. They're cheap, until you buy alot of them,

    - our warmachines are not the best, but they ARE the cheapest.

    keeping these things in mind, heres how i would setup an army:
    Keep your characters cheap and deploy a line from left edge to right edge.


    - In the centre, deploy normal hand weapons+ shield goblins, bring some fanatics in the core, but not too many, the enemy will probably go for a "flank" instead.
    On the sides, deploy archers. They can shoot uphill and at large targets. Have a fanatic in every archer unit, except for units that are directly behind a hill/wood.
    now the army has to remain cheap, but the blocks you field must not go below 25, they will just panic too easily and lose ranks too easily.
    - dont go nuts on wolf riders, if.. when they flee, they are potentially your own demise and break up your line.-
    - If you do deploy anything orcish. it should be savage orcs, in small numbers. Like snotlings theyre ItP and make great filler for the line.


    - The general has to be in the centre, for his leadership will be needed, aswell as a bsb with the big red banner to reroll panic.
    - The other two characters have to be on a chariot or mount. to attract their arrows (and give your own artillery some survivability). if they dont get shot its nice if they have something like a onehitwunda to be scary against enemy flank or whatever your enemy has that wont die by a fair rank n file fight. If one is a shaman, remember orc shamans may not ride a chariot.
    These guys (along with your rare slots and wolves)) will have to prevent the enemy from making a gap so they can start flanking. attracting cannonballs is a start.


    few special slots, so if you bring 4 slots of artillery, theres no space for flank defenders (hoppers).
    You could ignore that but its risky: When you deploy an army without flanks however, theres no need for hoppers.
    i would suggest some rock lobbers 2-3 , because when you have a few of these, they can do massive damage to the enemy his core
    - spread the artillery all across the line, get bullies for the ones in the centre.
    this works well withj O&G because it negates the animosity rules, you dont actually have to move alot, if you stick some rocks and spears into the enemy lines, the enemy will come to you

    - rare can be anything from a giant to pump wagons and a doomdiver to trolls its all very welcome.
    trolls you can use, but only because your army will not move much anyway.
    - giants will make a great cannonballmagnet, and that will be a good thing. theyr expensive for this kind of tactic but absorb ALOT of fire.
    - trolls might not make it to the fight in time, but you can keep them cheap and lethal. this unit will keep anything away from wherever you deploy them. deploy some warmachines near them
    - doomdivers are too cool, nuff said
    - pump wagons are great aswell, their hitting power is only good against certain enemies, but theyre also ItP and 'could' act as arrowmagnets.
    use snotlings to avoid having too many same kind of units on the sides, to avoid panictests when units break/flee

    - The End -

    funnily this kind of list usually passes through most "comp list" setup with flying colours, except that there can be too many war machines. The book has enough options for that though. perhaps even replacing one with a block of squigherd, and fire that at the enemy
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    Someone should write a tactica about this. Oh, yeah... I did already- (Night Goblin Tactica)
    No more NG spearmen, thanks! Now I need some pump-wagons!

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