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    Need Help with Dwarfs!

    I have a best friend who plays a nasty Dwarf list and would like to beat him with my new O&G army. He does the big unit of hammerers with the badass lord with the 4+ wardsave and re roll armor. big units of iron breakers and long beards. 2 units of warriors and a grudge thrower, 2 bolt throwers, and 2 organ guns and i think 2 units of thunderers. and a thane in the iron breakers and a runesmith. its a 2250 list id like to use and i guess i could tell you my succesful list i have had against other races as a good point of reference.

    Black Orc Warboss
    Enchanted Shield
    Akkrit Axe
    Boss 'At
    Boar 251

    Goblin Big Boss
    Bad Moon on a Stick
    Gt. Axe
    Light Arm 116

    Goblin Shaman LV 2
    sneaky Skewer
    Brimstone Bauble 125

    Orc Shaman LV 2
    Dispal Scroll
    Dispel Scroll 150

    42 Night Goblins
    (3) Fanatics
    FC 298

    Orc Boyz (25)
    FC 180

    Orc Boyz (25)
    FC 180

    Black Orcs (22)
    Banner of Butchery 371

    5 Wolf Riders
    Spear 70

    5 Wolf Riders
    Spear 70

    5 Spider Riders
    Spear 70

    5 Spider Riders
    Spear 70

    (2) Spear Chukkas 70

    Rock Lobba 70

    (2) Doom Divers 160

    I feel my shooting is great but would like advice with other parts. Obviously i dont need dispel scrolls but this is my list for every other army. The warboss goes in the Black Orcs and my Gobbos go in the big Gobbo unit. if theres a awesome hero or lord challanges then the shaman is my ultimate sacrifice LOL! and the BSB helps at ld 7 stubborn. would like some advice ASAP thanks a lot guys!

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    i think your choice of doomdivers is excellent against those thickheads

    If you are willing to change some stuff to work just against dwarfs then:
    Keep in mind dwarfs hate greenskins. And Night gobbos Hate dwarfs. orcs do not.
    And i suggest dumping 2 fast cavalry units and replace each with 1 unit of 10 squigherders. Those guys will blast dwarfs to bits wether they win combat or lose. theyre ItP and hate dwarfs
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