Hey! i recently dug up the warhammer i collected back in 2004. I bought a ton, painted a bit and then stuffed it in some boxes ha (One or two boxes are missing! )

Heres what I have so far:

Shaman on boar (wurzag)
Orc boss on wyvren
Orc boss on boar
orc shaman
night goblin shaman
night goblin boss

Night Goblin (FC) w/ spears x40
Night goblins (FC) w/ bows x 25
Goblins w/ bows (FC) x20 (missing)
wolf riders w/ bows (2xmusic&champ) x10 (missing)
orc boyz (FC) 2hand weapons x20
orc boyz (FC) spears x20
Orc boyz (FC) hw/shield x20

black orcs (FC) x12
Boarboyz (FCx2) x12
Orc Boar Chariot x1 (missing)
squig hopper x7
Squig herd x4
Rock lobber w/ bully x1
Spear Chukka x3

Troll x3
Giant x1 (missing)
Doomdiver x1
pump wagon x1 (missing)

Right now I'm thinking of buying: (in no real rush or order)
1x pump wagon
1x Spear Chukka
1x Giant
2x Troll
8x Black orcs
20x Orc Boyz
80x Night Goblins

I bought everything i have so far without an army in mind, I'll hopefully change that soon ha

My idea for a 2250ish pt army would be something like this:
Black orc lord
Black orc BSB (spirit totem)
orc boss
NG Scroll caddy

5x wolf rider (m)
5x wolf rider (m)
40x ng spears (fc)
25x ng bows (m)
35x boyz spears (fc)
25x boyz hw/shield (fc)

2x spear chukka
7x squig hopper
5x boar boyz

doom diver

Any input is appreciated!