A wonderous Find The Orcs and Goblins of My Childhood. - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    A wonderous Find The Orcs and Goblins of My Childhood.

    I recently got back into the hobby about a year ago and collect warriors of Chaos and Deamons.

    Years ago in my early childhood I used to collect Orcs and Goblins and had belived that this army had been lost years ago when my parents moved house. After visiting them last weekend and clearing out their loft LO and behold what did i find but my old orc & Gobbo army.

    I now find myself in a hairy predicment do i keep the army or do i sell them on ebay to fund my fledgeling Deamon host.

    Left over from my orc and goblin collection is

    40 Night Goblin Archers
    30 Night Goblin Spearmen
    2 fanatics
    20 Orcs (4th edition plastics with metal command group)
    5 Wolf Riders
    14 Savage orcs Inc command group
    10 Black Orcs (5th edition plastics)
    20 Metal hobgoblins (5th edition metals: Are you still allowed to use these?)
    10 Arrer Boyz
    2 squig hunter teams with 5 squigs (i dont know where the one other has got to)
    3 netters & 2 Clubbers
    5 Savage orc boar boyz
    1 5th edition doom diver
    1 5th edition ork Rock lobber
    1 Giant
    3 Rock Trolls

    Morglum Neck Snapper on Gouger ( Is he still around?)
    Orc Shaman
    Night Goblin Shaman
    Black Ork Warboss on Foot
    Gorfang Rotgut
    Skarsnik and Gobbla (5th edition)

    Out of what I have can I still make a competitve army or am I going to need to invest heavily to make it viable? Is there anything you would recommend? Id like to have a 1500-2000 point fun army i can play freindlys with to take a break from 4000pt Chaos Warriors army.

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