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Thread: Squigs in 8th

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    Squigs in 8th

    I just finished painting my 3 herds and 10 hoppers only to find a new set of rules released. These guys worked wonders for me in 7th, providing great entertainment and killing plenty of squishys. now with the new rules out, how effective are these guys. I will be fielding them regardless so would like to know how to get the best out of them.

    I also have some questions on how the herds work in combat.
    1) can i choose where i put the squigs or do they have to be in the front ranks?
    2) can i choose who takes wounds in combat or can my opponent choose who he wants to kill. or are casualties removed randomly?
    3) if i put thee herders in the front rank and they all die in combat, i assume my squigs can then step up and fight (in two ranks)? the unit would then go boom so it would be a win win for me.

    So how do you guys view squigs in 8th? Are they effective or there for our entertainment? what are your new strategies for using them?


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    hey again maximus,
    i was afraid of answering that question nr 3) , but now ive decided il just ignore its existance

    1) yes you can choose where to put which model, no restrictions, you could even put only squigs or only goblins in front row if you'd like
    2) Your opponent chooses which kind he attacks, so if he decides to target only squigs, then he cannot kill any goblins with those attacks. Important though is that his models can only attack the kind they (or the guy theyre supporting) actually have contact with the chosen kind.

    So i used an awesome combo of 2 squigherds today, thinking, boy this will be fun to blow up, for that worked out just fine in 7th.
    I was so wrong i couldve axed myself on the spot. They caught so many arrows only three made it into actual combat. needles to say they didnt even get to blow up. The last goblin killed a skink. =/
    On one side, im thinking that the blow up vale of this unit has seriously decreased because people i play against use larger units overall. Same goes with their fighting prowess. If they get to fight something they usually do not strike fiorst, so theres a good chance they get some casualties before fight. In 7th that wasnt too bad, even with only 2 or 3 herds youd have a few squigs left to bring the pain. In 8th theres so many bad guys attacking theres only a slim chance squigs actually get to strike, unless perhaps you deploy the way you mention in '3)'

    "3) if i put thee herders in the front rank and they all die in combat, i assume my squigs can then step up and fight (in two ranks)? "
    I dont know if they get to strike back. I suppose it works exactly like a character inside your unit getting killed. I dont know if the rank-n-file that takes his spot will have the chance to strike that combat phase.

    Immune to psych is a good bonus.
    Perhaps herders can go as good support units, for in the flanks, where the general and BSB are not present. If so, bring at least 4 ranks, thats my thoughts about herderss.
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