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    WHH - Warmachine Huters Hunters

    I want to talk about a tactic I found myself using with my orcs&goblins in 8th edition.
    I also play wood elves, and I told my friend that wood elves are weak in 8th edition and culdn't stand against orcs&goblins gunline, and he thought otherwise, so we played a game when I brought 11 warmachines (6 chukkas, 3 roc lobber and 2 doomdivers). He brought a lot of fast cavalry to try to counter my warmachines (they are the warmachine hunters) and I countered them with wolf chariots (those who hunt warmachine hunter so they are "Warmachine Huters Hunters"). My list could be found here: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...00-points.html (My first 8th edition list, 2000 points.) .
    Now in 8th edition you can bring 3 chariots of eatch type in addition to all these war machines. Did anyone else try using wolf chariots as WHH (units that hunt warmachine hunters)?
    Is there any inherent flaw in this tactic, or I just found an easy way to win games with orcs&goblins against armies with little artilery that count on hunting warmachines (such as daemons and elves)?

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    Not just hunter hunters, i think theyre quite ok warmachine hunters in their own rights, despite the no-march rule. M9 is nice and theyre cheaper than the cheapest of wolf rider units.

    Quite a strategical advantage but only because of the impact hits. So against fast cavalry you might have a problem since they charge you as much as you charge them.
    You can keep the enemy at a distance with the threat of a counterattack when they come too close.This works wonders when you actually deploy maximum artillery (3 lobbas, 6 chukkas, 2 divahs) I would only go for +/- 2chariots, because they should remain cheap, cheaper than the average fast cavalry the enemy deploys. So i have more points to spend on Trolls :p
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