Hey everybody, I'm pretty new to WFB and Orcs & Goblins and wanted to get some general advice on fielding my army and adding new units. I started playing a little bit in 7th edition with the Skull Pass minis that I split with a friend. I've picked up the game again now with 8th and acquired some random Orc & Goblin units to start increasing my army with. Basically, I'd like some advice on how I should be organizing and fielding what I have now and on what I should be buying next to improve my army. I love the Orc & Goblins flavor and want a pretty balanced army though I like the magic so I want to keep that fairly heavy.

Here's what I have:

44 Night Goblin Spearmen
17 Night Goblin Archers
3 Sets of Night Goblin Command
40 Orc Arrer Boyz
40 Orc Boyz with Choppa and Shield
17 Orc Boyz with 2 Choppas
2 Sets of Orc Command
7 Spider Riders
1 Set of Spider Rider Command
1 Night Goblin Shaman
1 Night Goblin Boss
1 Savage Orc Shaman on Boar
1 Orc Boss on Boar
1 Orc Boar Chariot
1 Troll

What I've been doing:
I've been using the night goblin spearmen in a horde of 40 with the night goblin boss as BSB with The Spider Banner. This has done okay for me, but I wonder if it would be better to use the same tactic with archers. They fight basically as well as the spearmen and could get poisoned shooting attacks. If I switched to this I kind of foresee using this horde unit as the center of my battle line and just using it to clog up the middle and volley fire at things until it needs to fight. Thoughts?

I've also been fielding the orcs w/ choppas and shields in 2 units of 20 (4 ranks), 1 as big uns with Mork's Spirit Totem and both with command. Then I've been using the 2 choppas orcs in units of 10 with no command. I've been kind of unsatisfied with these and am wondering how I could improve my configurations.

Right now I stick my goblin shaman w/ staff of sneaky stealin' with the goblin archers, the goblin boss with the spearmen, and I haven't quite figured out what to do with my orc heroes. Should they ride alone for mobility or go with the infantry? Obviously if i had some boar boyz I could stick them there. SHould I stick them with spiders for the time being? So far I haven't been impressed with the spiders as fast cavalry, but maybe I'm just not using them right. What should I do with my lone troll?

What should I be looking to get next? I'm on a budget so I can't really get more than 1 new unit a month. I also really love the look of the goblin warboss on the gigantic spider but I can't see him being that useful? Can you think of something I could do with him?

Any tips and suggestions appreciated. Thank you for your time.