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    Newest Bigg Git haz arrived!!

    Hey fella's,

    Once again I can't seem to help spending my money on models I've always wanted. I've now churned through enough cash to make three 2.5-3k individual armies in the space of 3-4months and I'm Loving it! One sad point is that my previous empire army is only half painted, but their getting there!

    Now I'm guessing you have figured out which army I have now delved into, yup that's right Dwarves!! -Did I catch you for a moment there? Of course not, I have grabbed myself da greenist, meanist biggest and bestest Boyz.

    I was looking for a little advice on how to kick start an army list. My current models stand at:

    38 Orc Boyz
    20 Black Orc's
    1 BSB
    1 Warboss on Boar
    5 Boar Boyz (Now I know theres a few people that don't enjoy these guys on the table, but I love the models and so want to include them.

    I intend to take the list to 2-2.5k so any advice on what to snap up next would be much appreciated. I'm thinking along the lines of a shaman or two, few war machines, and a few more Boyz. But I'm no Orc & Gobbo pro so thats why I'm asking you guys!

    I have a personal preference to more Orc's than Goblins, but I do see the benefits of fielding those cunn'in lil buggers.

    Thanks again,


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    Id get an orc shaman and (if your willing to let some weedy goblins on board) some wolf riders~ they are extremely useful!

    If your wanting warmachines and youv got some $$ handy, id get a couple of boltthrowers

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