Hey guys, whats up?

I am currently in the process of gathering information to compile short, informative summary videos detailing the different aspects of the different armies of the Warhammer Fantasy world.
As I have been warned by the moderators to not 'spam', I'll go about this the hard way and beseech you guys until I get my research, then move to the next forum >_<

Okay! So this is where YOU guys come in

Give me your knowledge on the following topics regarding Orcs & Gobbos:
+Fluff / Feel
+Play Style
+Advantages (in gaming terms)
+Disadvantages (in gaming terms)
+ Appearances (obviously the models themselves, the overall LOOK of the army and conversion opportunities)

Essentially the information will be condensed down into a 4-6 minute video that summarises the best information, so be sure to let me know a bunch!

Thanks so much for your help!