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    Goblin command groups?

    the title is a bit deceptive so im gonna elaborate, i noticed that a champion for a night goblin unit is 1/3 the points of a big boss night goblin, so my question is, for anyone who likes having a command group in their goblins like i do in my spears,

    do you guys use standard Champions or fork out 20 more points for something that pays for itself easily and gives your group not only better LD but a bit of a bite?

    anyway counter arguments appreciated, i would like to fine tune my mainly goblin based army

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    The only thing you should buy the Gobbo Boss for is to refuse a challenge with... coz you're not gonna spend those points as an 'upgrade' for an extra WS2, S3 attack...

    A Gobbo Big Boss would def be a better investment... you could probably throw a G.Weapon on him as well for extra punch without losing much on initiative...

    Ultimately, it depends on what the unit's for...

    If you're looking at a tarpit unit, just take massed ranks with Hand Weapon & Shield and a Musician (best use of Gobbos imho)...

    If you're trying to actually get the Gobbos to beat something up (lol) then you still need massed ranks, but take a Standard, Musician and at least a couple of Gobbo Big Bosses... but then you're in danger of spending as many points on a unit of Gobbos as you could on a unit of Savage Orcs (which are much better at beating stuff up than Gobbos)...
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    I have never gotten used to the fact that some units are better off without a full command. I just like the look of the three cool looking fellas up front especially when you use old models where everyone is in exactly the same pose xD

    With a commandgroup being 30pts now, i just cannot justify deploying a champion.... il go for skulkas and big bosses but the champions are just not going to happen!
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