So, now that the O&G Brigade is no longer available through the GW website, I promptly snapped up the one at the FLGS near me since I've always wanted to take advantage of that deal.

Getting it home and looking more closely at the packaging, however, it says that (instead of just 38 orcs and 40 night goblins, like on the website) it's got:

-20 each of night goblins with hand weapon/shield and with spear/shield
-20 orcs with spear and shield
-18 orcs with two choppas

For anyone who's actually bought one of the brigade boxes: do they actually give you enough weapon options to assemble the orcs and night goblins as you want (I was planning all spears for the night goblins and probably all two hand weapon for the orcs), or are you really restricted to those weapon choices? Many thanks!