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    Starting a Waaaagh!

    Hi all so my brother and I are looking at starting an OnG army for fantasy. We do have a couple questions.

    1) Is animosity still the strategy killer it was with the previous book?

    2) How are gobbos fairing with the 8th ed rules? Is an all gobbo army viable?

    3) How about an all mounted force? Spiders, Boars and the Arachnarok.

    4) Is the greenskin magic phase terrible? I am not a crazy lvl 4 person but I know the use of a lvl 2 to make us better...

    5) Why are 10 regular boyz in a box for $29.00? Did they improve the previous 19 for $35.00 or just repackage?

    6) Are normal gobbos at all viable or do ngobbos better still because of the nets, fanatics...etc

    7) Is there any huge downside to collecting a ong army? I.E. Never going to win competitive games...etc.

    Thanks all for your help!!!

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    2- never liked goblins so don't know but i can say there magic is good and there chariots rock.
    3- Not really if you want to be competitive but for fun im sure you could make an all cav list.
    4-No actuly if you use it right it is quite effective and having a Lv 4 is almost a mandatory now adays.
    5- repackage we the consumer got boned.
    6-yea that dident change at all NG are still better.
    7- It is all about how you play i win quite a bit with my army when i play tornys its all about how you use what you have.

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    1) no
    2) totally doable, i do all gobos with a horde of 100 NG's with 4 characters in it, very fun. gw changed the rules with gobo chariots, you can take a unit of three now, which is fantastic. also with the changes in the amount of special and rare you can have, gobos have a silly amount of shooting.

    3) mounts aren't as good as they were, or atleast i can't make them work.

    4) lvl 4 is bascially needed now, magic is a major role in the game now with the changed in 8th.

    5)see above

    6) like i said above, a mix is better, but a ng unit is still superior then a reg gobo unit

    7) greenskinks can be competitive now.all depends on how you play them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenocide View Post
    greenskinks can be competitive now.all depends on how you play them.
    Find that hard to agree with... have only been able to find one competitive-ish build (chariot spam)... would be happy to be wrong, but the amount of time I've spent on writing lists for greenskins leads me to believe there's only one really good build...
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