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    " Big Stabba " ... useful ?

    Good afternoon .

    I wanted to know, if its worth giving a savage orc unit, the "big stabba" option ?

    Also, when charging a - large target -, must the "big stabba" model touch bases with the - large model - ?

    Thank you all, in advance .

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    In the rulebook, the description of the Big Stabba says that the "unit" causes D3 impact hits and therefore I would assume that the big stabba is moved to center / hurled forward from the sides to attack the unit they are charging.

    And I have not yet taken a unit of Savage Boys in a list yet (kinda due to having no models for them), but If I were to take a unit, I would absolutely equip them with the Big Stabba. My reasoning is that of all the units, you definitely expect your Savage Boys to make it into close combat - ItP, Frenzy, Ward Save on their basic stat line. And with the big stabba, the impact hits occur FIRST so you can knock of a couple of models of the enemy and thereby possibly save a model or two of your own - making back the points cost. And you can direct them towards attacking monsters with a bit more confidence than if they didn't have those big stabbas. Think of this 20 Savage Boys, extra weapon, Champion, Standard, and the big stabba; it's only about 250 pts (very reasonable) and it can be buffed to a higher ward save if you plan on taking a shaman or biguns to make all those attacks S5 on the first round. It's a very hitty unit that either tears up the enemy, or draws fire from your other hitty units such as chariots, spikey pump wagons, mangler squigs, giants, trolls, the list goes on.

    Remember, the O+G's best friend is the dreaded 'Strength 5 hit'. Infantry Big 'Uns, all Boar Boys, Chariots, Spikey Pump Wagons, Doom Divers, Fanatics, Squigs, Squig Hoppers, Trolls ... and now ... the Big Stabba too. And despite what anyone says - almost anything in the Warhammer world will go down if it takes enough S5 hits.

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