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    Tricks n' Tips for any sneaky git...

    This is a thread where, players, new and experienced alike, can share their sneaks.
    MYself being at the mid-point of a begginer and a vet. i can share some of my own tricks, or just all around orky tactica...

    the list starts off at...

    the night goblin big boss with a great weapon and the glowey green amulet.

    goblin BSB with the night banner in a unit of big un's with guffs flag.

    uge' black gobbo unit with spears and badd moon banner. (lords bodyguard maybe) or.
    squig unit 15 squigs 5 hoppers, 10 gobbos and the mad mon banner.

    the cheap character killer big boss, with Dead Ard' Armour, and great weapon

    Flank holding night gobbos of 20 with short bows, and fanatics (or not, the enemy don't know)

    savage orks with spears, just nasty.

    units of 10 arrer boyz to guard flanks, and maybe shoot something (70 pt)

    sideways snotling swarms to minimise frontage (last longer)

    wide (7- unit of night goblins, whole front rank with nets, back rank with spears. stops all knight charges except bretts (lance knights aren't base to base)

    ork big un's that have same stats as black orks. (shield, big un's)

    wolf riders, wolf chariots, anti war machine.

    pump wagon, (cheap, kills low toughness troops)

    BSB on a boar with waagh banner, in a unit of Trolls. (14/16 inch charge)

    bug un boar unit with waagh banner (14 inch charge)

    black ork Big boss with a great weapon in a chariot. The chariot killing chariot (S7)

    thats about all i can type now... you can bet there are pages more of this type of stuff.

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    There's the Nightgobo boss with magic mushrooms who leaps from unit to unit to allow the Magic Shroms to work over and over again.

    Then you can deploy snotlings right in front of a night gobo unit with fanatics to increase the distance (they always move 1 inch past the unit they hit)

    Chaining mork save us with warpath is entertaining

    Using borgut to get the free big un upgrade
    40K-Beakies(9-14-4),Guard(4-7-2),Orks(34-12-11). FANTASY-Dwarves(15-6-7),Beasts (14-14-1), Skaven (17-17-10) DoC (6-1-2). CYGNAR (28-15-1)

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    My normal sneaky trick is to field some night gobbos, and place some fanatics by the table, despite the fact that the unit contains no fanatics. Everyone fears the fanatic :shifty:

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