I was thinking of starting a ragtag alliance army... a large mob... yea (rubs hands together maniacally)... I was thinking a LOT of green... a combination of goblins, gnoblars, and lizardmen, but mostly little things....

What do you all think?

Im thinking large units of gnoblars, goblins of all varieties, and skinks... shamans of skinks and goblins...

some fast wolfriders and spider riders, etc.

Im thinking some extras like looted style goblin weapons, catapults, etc.

and of course, the ubiquitous gnoblars and snotlings, lots of them, as fodder.

the army would be partially jungle themed... think escaped gnoblars meet jungle goblins that ally themselved with skinks... or perhaps a lost goblin pirate raider that allied itself with the lizards as sellswords, only wanting "shiny stuff" to keep the humans and rats away.