Well, I'm new to LO, but have played a little bit in WHFB, but mostly 40k. My 40k army, Tau, are great, but I think that I would like to try a more CC list. I, personaliyt love the fast attack hard punch of the Badlands Orcs, but I feel that having only mounted and chariots really limits their versitality. But, I wasn't exactly sure, but if you play a specialized list do the units that aren't mentioned still keep their same choice? If not, I'd rather have an all mounted list rather than an all infantry.

Moving on, I have an Orc shaman on a boar, and am wondering if he should be my lord choice in 2000, of just play a hero role. Do they do well in a mounted army?

I remember I made this hilarious 2000 point list with 4 blocks of orcs, and maxed out my character choices as orc shamans, and dumped them in the middle, except for 2. Then, I get 20 power and dispel dice. It was funny, but didn't work out so well, so I haven't really touched magic in warhammer recently.

I tend to play dark elves, with hordes of chaos and vampire counts as a much less common opponent. My Dark Elf freind likes virtually everything in the list, with reaper bolt throwers, executioners, and corsairs at the lead. Do you think that the Boar Boys will be able to handle the brutal efficiency and powerful armor saves of their enemy?