The GREEN 7th edition rules - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The GREEN 7th edition rules

    Found a site here about the 7th ed rules for the greenskins.

    Click at all the " here" spots, especially the last one. I think that takes you to a forum where they have got some info from Germany. Lots of magic items, new miscast table, animosity, and such. However, this is probably not all true, much is just rumours. Take evrything very lightly. If all were true, then the orcs would get a great boost of cheese, if not an overdose....:wacko:

    I just read it all over again, and OMG orcs will rule the world.( If at least half of it is true)
    Choppa will give +1 str on charge, even if you got add. handw! Wyvern will have 3 attcks with poison and cost 200. Iron boar: mount that causes impacthits! Gorbad ironclaw will simply be the best and goblins will have monster-spiders! And... no 0-1 on biguns! And black orc characthers wont take two hero choices and animosity will give great chance of rolling well show em. The miscast table however means horrible events...and no more goblinhero +1 for each 1000 pts and common gobbos will cost 3 pts and come with light arm. There is more to read and much to be suspiscious towards...Dont blame me if its all bull****.

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    Greetings from Sweden
    Nice warhammer video

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