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    Thinking of Starting WHFB with Goblins...

    So i play WH40k as of now, and before i started playing that i had to choose between fantasy or 40k... i simply chose 40k because more people seemed to play it, and also my brother used to play it and could sell me a small army for cheap. Didn't want to jump into both immediately because a) didn't want to dump collosal amounts of money on the get go and b) starting 2 games at once seemed daunting, and from what i hear, 40k is less daunting to learn the rules as well.

    So anyway now i'm back, seriously considering buying battle for skull pass... I always loved goblins, in any fantasy universe, and WH is no different (which made the 40k/FB choice even harder).

    So i wanna just ask a few initiation questions...

    1) Does the skull pass goblin army work well? ie is it a competent army right out of the box (for it's point range, which is 750 if im not mistaken, but i may be), or will i have to buy some stuffs right off the bat to play with a playable (as in not a throwaway battle type army)? My main concern is fun... don't mind losing, but i don't just want to have the cheapest, flimsiest army either.

    2) where to go from there with goblins? ie if i went up to 1000, 1500?

    3) i hear goblins/night goblins are FOTM... presumably because of the skull pass deal they got. Is this true? It'd suck to play the fotm army... but i would anyway, i just love goblins that much.

    4) at 1000 pts, how big will a goblin army be? I ask because i have the crystal caste battlehive carrying case... not super big.

    5) how much more complex is FB to 40K as far as rules?

    6) what are forest goblins? Are the only available forest goblin models the spider riding ones atm? This new group of goblins intrigues me...

    i might come back with more questions later...

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    Welcome to the weird world of green.

    1. The skull pass box set gives you some infantry, archers and cavalry as well as a couple of characters so it is a reasonable well balanced army. It requires little gluing as the night goblins are one piece models (spider riders are a little different but not hard). It is not that flimsy an army, although the leadership of a night goblin is awful and they can run away if you shout boo loudly at them.

    2. Increasing the army I would suggest getting some fanatics, they simply rock and are randomly good fun. The boss blister pack has some pretty good models in. I would also look at getting some more basic night goblin models - the new box is pretty good as you can have all the upgrades for netters etc. Once you get to 1500 or so start looking at squig teams and maybe some squig hoppers. And you may want to look at some warmachines to give you a bit of shooting.

    3. I have no idea what FOTM is

    4. it depends entirely on how your army is structured, if you have lots of goblin infantry then you can expect in excess of 100 models (gobbos individually don't cost a lot of points).

    5. Fantasy is not hugely complicated, the rules will be easy to pick up but then difficult to master. 40k seems to have been stripped down to make the game play faster, fantasy still retains a lot of rules for maneouvering etc.

    6. Forest goblins are just that, goblins that live in forests. They used to exist in the orc and goblin army a few editions back as foot troops and characters as well as spider riders. No they only have spider riders.
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    First off, I am not a Greenskin player but I will respond with what I know.

    1. Having played against Greenskins, I would say that for the low point games it would definately be a fun army to play. You may not win all the time but I think it would be competitve. Once you start getting higher up into the 1000's and up to 2000 you definately need to expand. Orcs are your heavy hitters and you will definately need them when facing heavy hitting armies like Chaos. However, having said that, there are strategies for all goblin armies that have worked. It takes skill, but it can be done and be fun!:w00t:

    3. Yes, dwarves and greenskins I believe are current Fads of the Month, manily Greenskins though. This is due to the fact that the new Greenskin book just came out so it is the newest 7th edition army. I would not let that stop you though since GW is currently on a path to re-work the Codex'es because 7th edition came out. So, if you get Greenskins now, in a year the Fad will be long gone and you won't have to worry for a very long time.

    5. Infinately more complex than 40K. Well, maybe infinately is too strong a word, but compared to the simple nature of 40K, fantasy is almost an entirely new experience. Yes you still role the dice all the time, but as mentioned earlier, movement is still regimented and exact. Skirmishing rules and combat rules are different and more involved. Honestly, this is why I prefer Fantasy over 40K because I want strategy and realism, not Yahtzee.

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