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    Make it Killy, or make it choppy?

    Oy dere boyz. I gotz zome questins fer ya.

    I've pretty much got 1000+ish points of Orcs. A 23 boy strong squad armed with two choppas, 10 goblin wolf riders with spears and shields, An orc boar chariot, 10 black orcs with shields, A boar mounted black orc warboss with bigged's kickin' boots and Martog's best basha, and finally an orc shaman level 2 with a dispel scroll.

    Now I'm thinking about what I should toss in as my final character. I'm currently stuck on a few choices, either:

    A: Make him a black Orc boss, give him heavy armor, a shield and Basha's Bloodaxe, and have him go around hacking up da enemy flanks


    B: Make him a black orc boss, give him da 'eavy armor, shield and a magic standard, probably Nogg's Banner of butchery, and have him join my 23 strong boy squad to keep the animosty down.


    C: Get a goblin shaman. Not too hot on this idea.


    D: Gotz a better idea fer my grot lovin' boyz?

    So, wat youz boyz dink 'bout 'dis 'ere boyz'? Which iz da biggest an' da best?

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    i dont think your list will work, u need more boys, and eith go for a punch witrh ur heros with a scroll caddy, or all magic with 1 boss for LS

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    I've never liked many characters in my army. Not to get to far off topic, I'd suggest beefing up your army with more units first.

    For the points of a character you can get...

    A. Some Wolf Chariots

    B. Cheap war machines

    C. A bLock of Night Goblins

    D. Small unit of Boar Boyz

    I'd go with "D". You have a nasty Big Boss on a Boar. Not sense in having him killed by a single bolt or cannonball. Boar Boys are nasty and fit in better with your existing army.

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