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    new player looking into orcs

    hey guys, I understand the basics of WHFB and I'm trying to pick an army. I have looked into empire, but dislike the idea of artillery which seem to be neccesary to be competitive. I am looking for a mainly infantry force backed by calvalry for flanking attacks and maybe a few units of archers or other ranged units to weaken enemy groups. I would like magic in my army.
    Can orcs be played succesfully with this strategy? I was referred to orcs by a friend, and like the idea of the orcs charging in a ferocious wave. Are orcs limited in ranged or magical choices? Do they have varied types of effective infantry or just a few? If you could, paint a picture of a typical orc army in your reply( average model count at 2k points, mobility, ranged support, magical choices, etc.) I appreciate your time to help me out with my army choice

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    The great thing about Orcs and Goblins is the variety and versatility in what they can take. There are so many different units to choose from, you're bound to find a unit that does what you want. So I gather from your post you want lots of greenskins on foot charging in supported by some cavalry, shooting and magic? That's certainly doable, since O&G have all of those and can generally fit quite a lot of models into an army.

    I don't pretend to be an expert on using the army, but from what I do know regular Orc boyz are great value for points so you should probably go for quite a lot of them. I don't think there are any infantry choices that should be avoided at all costs like there are in some armies, so if you really like a unit there's no huge reason not to take them. Shooting would probably be best with warmachibes, as they are really cheap in points, particularly the spearchukkas, and they should prove more effective than greenskins with bows. Many players swear by spear chukkas!

    Magic is wacky, unpredictable and can be devastating for either side. If it goes well it will be really effective, but if it's a miscast the result won't be pretty. It's the greenskin way. it's also fairly cheap to get a decent amount of magic in the army.

    Finally for the cavalry there are several choices, which cover several roles and again fall down to preference and the role you want them to play. It's a benefit of the amount of choices in the army that there are units for most eventualities. As for the model count in a 2k game, just have a look at some of the 2k lists in the armylist section. That should give you a rough idea.

    Orcs and Goblins is a great army to you like painting green?
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