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    Adeptus Mechanicus

    With their improved weapons and greater number of potential Nova Cannons, does anyone have some decent possibilities for tactics with a Mechanicus Fleet? Or what would the tactics be with having a gun line of those?

    My thought had been using torpedo frigates to flank while pinning fleets down with titanic blasts from the cruisers. Any upsides, downsides with this strategy?

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    I'm not so hot on the AdMech fleet; I've never used or fought one. All I'm going to say below is conjecture on how I'd go about using them the first time I played with them.

    They seem to be a fleet designed for longer ranged combat. With the additional lance and ability to take numerous Nova cannon they are indeed well suited to long range engagements. As they have more expensive ships they will likely be outnumbered and so have a harder time winning out in a close in battle-line slug out with other fleets.

    With certain tech rolls you can end up with a fleet with some excellent long range punch so I would suggest keeping the enemy at arms length for as long as you can. Use a few Nova cannon (though don't be beardy) to wear down the opponent's cruisers then close in for the kill once you've weakened them up enough from range. Go in close too soon and you may find your low numbers hinder you against more numerous fleets. Against fleets like Tau you should have a good time - perfect targets for Nova cannon based fun. Eldar might be a trickier proposal but the broadside weaponry range upgrade you have available will make up a little for your other shortcomings.

    If you want to 'pin' (more correctly termed 'herd' IMO) then torpedoes are a good bet. Use flanking Cobras and light cruisers to bunch up the enemy ships and make them more vulnerable to nova cannon fire. A few well placed torpedo salvos can really work wonders when delivered from the flanks with the intention of herding the enemy fleet. You do need a little practice to get it right though.

    Playtest a bit would be my best advice. Play a few proxy games and see how AdMech work - ranged seems their strong suit at the end of the day though.


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    the lack of variety in capital ships makes it difficult to fight at range. all you have are lances (only 1 per cruiser), torps (difficult to use at range) and nova cannons. Now you COULD go all out with the latter but I find novas aren't very fun and rely lots on luck.

    how about AdMech carrier/ordnance force? dictators fit the role well and you can have the Defiant light cruiser to bump up your launch bays and lances (without prerequisites).

    and vs Eldar well, Admech are good if you tailor the force with plasma batts and the lances help with putting down pesky blast markers

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