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    Got the BFG bug again

    Hi guys, yep. I am extremely tempted to buy another fleet to add to my Imperial and Chaos fleets. Necrons are my next choice. Not because of the rules, because I love the ships. And I most likely won't be playing with them very much since I'm more of a WHFB player, but as I mentioned, I love the look of the Tombship and the Scythe class.

    I want something thats roughly the same size as my other two fleets. They have 2 battleships each, 6 cruisers, and around 6-7 escorts. (I'm not a big fan of escorts)

    Firstly, do you think I should go for 2 Tombships? Or are Necrons that much better that I'd only ever want 1? I'm guessing the size of the Necron fleet will be smaller in number.

    I was thinking something along the lines of:

    3-4 Scythe class
    2-3 Shroud class
    3 Dirge
    3 Jackal

    Thats a bit over 2000 points. Maybe 4 Scythe, 2 shroud, 2 of each escort. I want it to be battle ready if I do start getting into the game more, but as I mentioned my favourite ships are the Tombship and Scythe class harvest ships.

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    well theres always bfg vassal if you cant find opponents.
    the necrons arent overpowered as many think they are, they have some glaring weaknesses.
    for pure ability, two scythes are better than one tombship, but the tombship is so awesome and cool i couldnt just leave it out. one thing, necrons are horribly outnumbered in most fleet engagements, and their escorts are very valuable. id consider more. id take one shroud for the abilities it gives you, one tomb ship, and if you dont like escorts, max out on scythes for an effective fleet.
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    The tomb ship is definitely one of the more powerful ships out there in terms of raw brute firepower and is also one of the tougher battleship level ships. Its weakness however is in its pretty short range. While it sports the awesome FP20 weapon battery its only good for short range and if the tomb ship wants to fight 2 separate targets it has to half its firepower against the two and so on.

    A good ship yes but not something you want to anchor a fleet around. The scythe class is a much better choice for that ^_^

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    Hey Strewart, glad to see you getting back into BFG in a big way again mate. I've had a similar thing to you recently - I want to expand into a fourth fleet and was seriously considering Necrons as that new fleet.

    Some good points have been brought up already above, and I would like to add a little if I may. I would advise against taking a second Tombship - I would even avoid taking one in a fleet of this size. The main reason for this is the cost - both in points to take it and in victory points if it gets lost. They give so many victory points when destroyed its all the enemy will shoot at and, as Arky has pointed out, those short ranged weapons put it right in the firing line if you want it to take part in the battle. Its one hell of a ship though, and I'd include one purely on the basis it looks so cool.

    The main punch of your fleet should come from a core of Scythes supported by a decent number of Jackals. These will provide you with a heavy hitting core of very powerful ships that won't lose you so many victory points when smashed. A shroud or two will be very handy when it comes to command checks but they should not be used as the main punch of the force as they are considerably weaker than the Schythe. Some small groups of Dirges will make fantastic flanking forces, as their speed allows them to zip around the sides and hit vulnerable targets or to chase away enemy escorts, or hound crippled enemy vessels. Scythe and Jackal as the main force though; thats where the Necrons will get their primary punch.

    Be careful with the Necron Escorts - they can lose you many victory points thanks to their different shield rules. Be sure to shield them with the cruisers and place them carefully during a game.

    I was thinking of a 2000 point fleet a little like this

    1 Cairn
    3 Scythes
    1 Shroud
    8 Jackals
    3 Dirge

    Though to be honest from a purely gameplay point of view I think I'd rather drop the Cairn for another Scythe and some more jackals/dirge.

    Good luck however you play it mate


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