Version 1.7 of the unofficial Eldar MMS House Rules has been published. You can download it at the following location:


Here are the main changes in version 1.7:
· The Special Victory Points Table has been removed. Subsequently the costs of all capital vessels have been increased.
· The Craftworld Eldar Command section has changed. Farseers, re-rolls and Seer Council have been changed. Return of the Aspect Warrior rules.
· Thanks, to especially Warmonkey this time around, various text, grammar and spelling have been fixed and/or updated.

Note from the author:
Maybe some changes may disappoint some people but I hope most will see this version as another improvement. Changes like increased point costs and the command section of the Craftworld section need further play testing to come to definitive point.
Although some issues from version 1.6 have not been solved I felt that I had enough reasons to update version 1.6 into version 1.7.
Overall I think the main rule section can be considered 99% complete. Which is a really good thing.

Topics which need discussion, feedback and/or testing for version 1.8:
· Point costs overall, fiddling
· Aurora light cruiser, is it still too weak?
· Supernova, is it still too strong?
· Pulsar lance functions

Feedback appreciated as always.

Merry Christmas & Happy Gaming.