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    brand new to inquistor

    I have just read the majority of the rulebook, and am really interested by the game. I play 40K currently, and love the idea of more focused story based games.
    I have an idea for a character, but I am wary of over or under powering him. He would be based off of Ibrahm Gaunt, from the Gaunt's Ghosts series by Dan Abnett. I don't know what statlines a human should have, and kinda need some help here. Gaunt is very good in close combat, leadership, and is fairly tough for a human.
    I definetly need suggestions on the statline but I was thinking:
    a bolt pistol, power sword, (both from the books) flak armour on all body parts except the head
    the skills would be: true grit (Gaunt has survived several near death experiences), rock steady aim (often fires on the move), and leader (incredibly inspiring speaker)

    I really need help here, I have no idea what his statline should be, or if his equipment is to powerful. I didnt use ready reckoner as I have heard its fairly useless on these boards

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    Again I preface this reply with the fact that I've only played about half a dozen games, including some in the recent Inquisitor Grand Tournament. I hope you find the perspective of a slightly more experienced novice useful.

    First off, do you mean you want to actually use Gaunt? Or your own commissar? Many people (myself included) would advise against the former. After all, Inquisitor is about making your own character and stories rather than using someone elses (and it avoids the situation where something happens to Gaunt in the your games that clashes with what heppens in the books, or vice versa). A Commissar is a good warband leader, although he will be a lot more restricted in what he can do than an Inquisitor. He's a political officer in the army so he can't requisition a starship to get from planet to planet for instance.

    Page 15 of the Living Rulebook explains what the stats represent and gives examples. Here's my guess at a reasonable statline for a generic Commissar.

    WS - a Commissar should be good in close-combat, after all he'll often be in the thick of the fighting, but isn't necessarily an expert swordsman, so something around 70 would do.
    BS - he's been trained with firearms and has a lot of experience - maybe 70 ish again. You might want to make him a bit more interesting by having him be better at one or the other and hence raise his WS and lower his BS or vice versa.
    S & T - a Commissar is likely fit, strong and tough - say 60 to 65.
    I - a trained soldier has I = 50 to 60, but maybe an experinced Commissar should be better, you probably want him to be Speed 5 so give him an Initiative in the low 70s.
    Wp - a Commissar should be strong in mind as well as body, maybe about 70 ish?
    Sg - 50 to 60 represents an educated human, so is probably sufficient for a Commissar.
    Nv - Commissars should set an example to the men they lead, standing resolutely in the face of enemy fire. As such a Nv of 85+ is probably appropriate.
    Ld - an average Imperial Soldier should have a Ld of about 70, so about 85 is probably right for a Commissar.

    As for skills and abilities; Leader is a must and True Grit sounds reasonable as is something like Rock Steady Aim or Hipshooting - I'd stick at about three skills to start with. Any more and you're likely to forget them when you play.

    You should be aware that both bolt weapons and power weapons are easily capable of taking someone out of the game in one hit. With only 3-4 characters per side that could mean the game is over quickly. I'd give him a bolt pistol and regular sword (or at the most a chainsword), or a stubber and power sword. Flak armour sounds right, and a comm-link would make sense as would a few grenades and maybe some filtration plugs.

    That gives us;
               WS  BS  S   T   I   Wp  Sg  Nv  Ld  Speed
    Commissar  70  70  60  65  70  70  55  90  85  5
    Skills: Leader, True Grit, Rock Steady Aim
    Equipment: Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Flak Armour, 
               2 Frag Grenades, Comm-link, Filtration Plugs.
    How does that sound? You'll probably get a different opinion from everyone who replies. Everyone plays games at slightly different power levels, and every character is an individual, so at the end of the day it's a judgement call. As long as everyone in your gaming circle has characters that are powered appropriately to make for fun games then that's all that really matters.
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