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Thread: Warmunda 40k

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    Warmunda 40k

    During a recent engagement on a hostile world a squad of marines are left behind by accident. (1)
    Unable to communicate to the outside world, they become vigilantes, killing bad guys and all the stuff that marines do well. (2)
    As the campaign progresses it transpires the world is in control of a genestealer cult and they have to take out the patriarch before the hive fleet arrives. (3)


    Alpha Legion operatives on world trying to infiltrate the imperial government. Only 5 or 10 or so, but on every Captured result on the SI table they convert an imperial guardsmen to their cause and gain special rules or something. (4)

    Inspired by (1) - The Soul Drinkers books when they have to flee a world in the midst of a big war. (2) - The Uriel Ventris books when they meet a load of renegade loyal marines when fighting the Iron Warriors. (3) - Deathwing! (4) - Legion.

    Just ideas knocking about to get beyond the basic gang warfare of the game and spread it a bit further into the 40k storyline.
    Any one tried anything like this?

    The squad of marines is your 'gang'. Rather than selecting from a points list like normal you get a default 2 squads of 5 - one with a chainsword and bolt pistol sergeant and a special weapon marine, and one with a heavy weapon.
    The enemies you face could be something like 3 human types for every regular marine, 4 for every leader and 5 for every heavy with 1 in 5 allowed a heavy weapon.

    5 marines in necromunda rules would be nigh on unstoppable, but wouldn't benefit from any territories or anything. Serious Injuries table would be altered - may be they could have a stash of supplies they come across.

    I don't know, it needs fleshing out but its an idea I'm mulling over.

    Any thoughts? Has it already been done - any useful links etc?

    Love and hugs

    I can't say I've seen it all but I live for the things that keep me hollow.

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    In many ways Inquisitor would be an even better game for this kind of thing (besides the multiple marines.. Multiple marines in Inquisitor are quite fluffy, and thus can beat down small armies.)

    Ironically given the supposedly low power level of the game, marines (by 40k rules) would be pathetic in Necromunda due to the fact we still have armour save modifiers.. The poor old enforcers get boned for the same reason. Armour just doesn't protect like it should..
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