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    my starting gang roster (Delaque)

    All advice/criticisms welcome. After playing a few test games over the summer, this is the gang I'm currently using. I've experimented with dual heavy stubber list, but, much like playing tyranids, I felt like I was cheating, so that got dropped fairly quick.

    1] Leader - 160 creds (auto pistol, chainsword)

    2] Heavy - 180 creds (heavy stubber)
    3] Heavy - 115 creds (flamer, autopistol)

    4] Ganger - 75 creds (lasgun)
    5] Ganger - 75 creds (lasgun)
    6] Ganger - 75 creds (shotgun w/manstoppers)
    7] Ganger - 70 creds (autogun)
    8] Ganger - 70 creds (autogun)
    9] Ganger - 75 creds (auto pistol, maul)

    10] Juve - 40 creds (auto pistol)
    11] Juve - 35 creds (stub gun)

    total 970 creds

    stash 30 creds

    I've two main questions for you more experienced players out there.

    #1. My leader: At the moment, he's part of my close range part of the gang, with ganger no. 9, the flamer heavy and the juves. Is it wise to put him in harms way like this? would it be better to give him a shotgun for now, and keep him out of combat altogether?

    #2. My heavies: has anyone had much experience with not taking a heavy stubber in their gang? perhaps going with a plasma gun instead? I like the idea of a more mobile gang, plus I could afford some more backup weapons. at the moment, I was planning on buying one after my first few games, so that I can swap it in for a leader/heavy as needed.

    In the campaign, so far I should be facing a Van Saar gang, a sword heavy Escher gang, and some orlocks. am also hoping to convert a Scaavy gang for someone to use.

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    About your leader in combat; If he can survive in a campaign. Take the skill tree that will make him a monster in combat. It's risky, but he can become exceptionally powerful. But hey, this is the underhive, it's already risky.

    I've only ran a heavy with a stubber and a backup shotty. If I were you, I would try using the other weapons to find out what you like playing with. Don't forget that plasma weaponry is just as volitile if not moreso in necromunda.
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