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    New Chaos Player - building a 1500pt list

    Hi everyone!

    I've finally decided to start a chaos fleet to complement my CSM, and I've been working around what I should take in my 1500 pt fleet.

    My main opponent will be using SM, and from the stats the main SM ships look rock hard.

    So, I'm thinking:

    1) Have a number of cruisers rather than a large battleship at this stage. It gives me more to play with and I can get used to handling fleets.
    2) Lances. Lots of lances. They look like they will burn through the toughest armour.

    A rough list I have at the moment is:

    Styx w/ Warmaster, CSM with MoS
    2x Devestations
    3x Slaughterers

    I've no idea how this'll do, so any comments and criticism is very very welcome.

    Hive Fleet Fuzzy Bunny: Lots and lots of points of Nids (4000pts+)
    The Chapter of the Damned: 5500pts of Dark Angels
    The Children of Fulgrim: 5-6000pts of Emperors Children
    The Kabal of the Bloodied Claw: 2000pts of Dark Eldar

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    Well, firstly, welcome to BFG and may I say: Good choice.

    Secondly, you're dead on - Space Marine fleets can be hard as nails, so lances are the way go.

    However, I would advise against the Styx - it's over-priced and under-performs quite badly. Your Devastations will at least protect you from enemy ordnance and provide you with a bit of a punch when it comes to attacking escorts. Speaking of escorts, I'd reccomend that you dispense with a slaughter and get yourself a few Idolater escorts instead - it never hurts to have a few numbers on your side!

    Considering you haven't played before, you seem to have really hit the nail on the head - which is a lot more than I did when I first started! Good luck.

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    Got my reply at that other forum....but..... for convenience:

    Marines are only hard when they get near and can apply their hit and run tactics. Their ships are fast and manoeuvrable.

    Chaos has long range weapons and enough ordnance capabilities to stem the Thunderhawks and in return do some damage back with assault boats.

    Your fleet looks okay but I would change some things:

    a) The Styx is fine although many think it is overshadowed by the Devastation.
    b) The Archeron isn't bad but I would only use it under 1000pts when I cannot field my Desolator BB. I consider the Archeron to be a mini-Desolator.
    c) 2 Devastations = good = one of the backbone cruisers.
    d) Slaughters, good you have more

    In effect I would drop the Archeron and take escorts (Infidels) to give you some nifty rear protection against the Marines.

    A sidenote of principle tactics: You chose the fast and deadly Slaughter as a core. However if you took the Carnage (the 2nd backbone cruiser of Chaos) you could engage the Marines from distance before they even can't shoot back.

    1 Styx + WM + CSM
    2 Devastation
    3 Carnages
    5 Infidels
    Would mean a very effective long range barrage from 6 cruisers. I could even suggest to drop the Styx and take the Desolator BB instead. That would give you 8 lances @ 60cm + 32 weapon batteries at 60cm, two turns of shooting when placed correct without receiving any return fire.
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