A bit of shameless self-promotion, but I figured I'd repost this announcement here for those of you who haven't seen it elsewhere.

- Dave


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Dear Inquisitor Gamers,

Dark Magenta is delighted to announce the first in a planned series of unofficial background expansions for the Inquisitor game - the Recongregator Sourcebook.

Written by Conclave-regular and Inquisitor modelling fanatic Dave Knowles, the Recongregator sourcebook is a designed as a companion piece to the Thorian sourcebook, available from the Games Workshop website. Packed with original artwork, unique models and sample characters, the Recongregator sourcebook introduces you to this shadowy faction within the Inquisition, outlines the relationships to other ideologies, and charts the influence Recongregators wield over Imperial institutions. Also, look out for the substantial section on the Ordo Sicarius, over which Recongregators have long held influence.

The Recongregator sourcebook is the first in a line of background expansions planned for the Inquisitor game. Keep your eyes peeled for another sourcebook coming near the start of 2009!

You can download the sourcebook here, at the Dark Magenta website.