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    New To BFG- Black Templars? Questions

    Hi all, I am new to BFG and will be joining a campaign I want to use space marines... because tha is the army I use in 40K... i was roaming arround and found a set of experimental rules for a Black Templar fleet... I wanted to know your ideas on this as well as maby giving me ideas on how to use a fleet...

    There are a few questions that maby you could help me answer.
    What are lances good for?
    What are batteries good for?
    What are thunderhawks good for? - On that note, I have read and heard that the use of ordinance in the form of fighters and bombers is very powerfull, but I dont really understand why, now thunderhawks are resilient and can perform a variety of roles, and with the black templar list I seem to be able to have a lot more than usuall.

    Oh and one more thing... where does it say how many thunderhawks I can have maximum in my fleet?

    And any suggestions when making a 3000pt master roster... form this master list we will be making 750pt lists and 1500lists.

    I appreciate any comments.


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    the Black Templar is considered by most one with many flaws. It could use some work.

    To answer your questions you could do a read of the rulebook, but here's some:

    Lances: effective against high armoured targets, at distance same effect as up close. Great support weapon. And should always be fired after batteries have been fired.

    Batteries: range dependant in terms of effect, but up close more brutal and effective then lances. Batteries require more tactics then lances.

    Thunderhawks: you don't understand why ordnance is powerfull? Back to the acadamy with you aspiring admiral! Thunderhawks (the normal ones, not the annihilators), are fighter-assault boats. They can intercept enemy bombers and torps but also make a lethal hit&run against enemy ships. Doing a critical hit on a 1+ (in most cases) since they are Marines. So auto-destruct for enemy escort vessels.

    You may launch as much Thunderhawks as launch bays you have in play.
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