Well, we're having another Inquisitor campaign in the club. And my Inquisitor Revii returns, this time as a Radical. Storyline wise he has a kill team of Ordo Hereticus Veterans (Veteran Guardsmen) after him, along with an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (who is there due to Revii possessing a Xenos artefact) with retinue, and an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, who works alone, but bringing the best of the best with him (Power Armour, Frost Blade, Pentagrammic Wards, Word of the Emperor) all that jazz. So, I get to go quite nuts with my retinue, as it's 3 vs 1. However on my side I get cultists with low grade tech, paid into my service.

However my retinue consists of 10 men.

Revii: In this role, he is fleet footed and quick witted, highly intelligent, with no empathy what so ever. Thinking on his feet and getting out of harms way. Still carrying his signature weapon (as it was known in the last campaign) his Inferno Pistol, his abilities and wargear this time are a lot more escape oriented.

WS - 70
BS - 80
S - 64
T - 64
I - 88
Wp - 85
Sg - 85
Nv - 80
Ld - 82

Right Handed

Equipment:- Power Sword, Knife in his sleeve (can be drawn and attacked with in one action), Inferno Pistol (4 reloads), Lasgun (NP, 1 reload, Laser sight), Flak all over, Displacement Field, Incendiary Grenade.

Special Abilities: Quick Draw (a throwback to the old campaign), Catfall, Lightning Reflexes, Dodge. Also Heroic and Leader (all "Main characters" get this, campaign rules).

Psychic Powers: Wyrd Detection, Psychic Shriek

Then we have the Tech Adept, who was brought with Revii to break into the complex where the campaign takes place. An intelligent and calculating individual, like most of his kind, he believes in Revii, and believes what he is doing is for the overall benefit of the Emperor. Physically weak, but made stronger due to his many mechanical enhancements, his covering fire is the stuff of legend. He goes by the name of Omega.

WS- 40
BS- 52
T-63 (bionically increased)

Equipment:- Bolter (Mk. IV Sickle, 5 Reloads of Inferno Shell, MIU), Flak all over. Bionic Eye (advanced, incorporating a Motion tracker), Bionic Head (+3 armour on head), Bionic right arm (average, strength 50), Mechadendrites.

Followed by his psychic retinue. Four individuals Revii has picked up over his career. Revii understands the true power of psychic potential, and it is possibly his close affiliation with one psyker too many which, might have, pushed him over the edge. However as ordo hereticus, his psykers are all tightly controlled. But in his decline to radicalism, he reduced their restraints bit by bit. Perhaps too much. However, most of Revii's psykers are weak physically due to the constraints and suppressor drugs fed to them by years. The exception being the Jester, who was picked up after Revii embraced pyschic power.

Firstly there is Ferran. Revii's first hired psyker. A pyromancer, which suited him as his preferred method of destroying the witch was burning it. Unlike the stereotype of his kind, he is calm, cool and calculating. He fight's unarmed, unless you count his psychic powers.

BS- 47
S- 50
T- 48
I- 60
Wp- 82
Sg- 80
Nv- 75
Ld- 60

Equipment: Flak on torso and legs.

Psychic Powers: Wyrd Burning fist, Blinding Flash, Fireball, Firestorm.

Then there is The Jester. Who goes as such due to the fact he was never named. He is manipulative, highly intelligent, and his psyhic powers lead enemies around by the nose. However, he refuses to directly harm other, believing it to be "No fun, no fun at all." He is also highly acrobatic, due to his previous life in a low tech, highly dangerous hub on a backworld planet. How he became so intelligent is unknown.

WS- 40

Equipment: 4 Hallucinogen Grenades.

Psychic Powers: Wyrd Distraction, Demoralise, Enforce Will, Puppet Master, Mesmerism, Terrify.

Abilities: Acrobatic, Lightning Reflexes.

Third, there is Brut. A biomancer from an agri world, turned rogue Revii turned him and had him in custody for a period of three years. Kept in a cell which was just psychically dampended, Brut worked on his physical abilities. Considering his predicament, he is in a very good physical state. However, he is a terrible shot, and cannot for the life of him hold a sword properly. However, due to his calling, one punch in the mouth could decide a fight.


Equipment: Flak all over.

Psychic Powers: Blood Boil, Choke, Wyrd Enfeeble, Hammerhand, Regenerate, Warp Strength.

And finally we have Delmon. An exceptionally strong willed telekinetic, he is not overly intelligent, nor is he particularly fast. But the strength with which he wields his psychic powers is frightening. In life he learned how to operate machines, which quickly made him money, by customising machines for gang feuds and manipulating the outcome by manufacturing weapons which would fire three shots before jamming, or extending their ammo capacities and damage potential far beyond standard. Before Revii recruited him he was one of the most feared individuals on the planet. However, he considers himself above such simple things as weapons, and prefers to kill his enemies with a thought.

BS- 46
S- 52
T- 49
I- 55
Wp- 98
Sg- 72
Nv- 81
Ld- 83

Equipment: Refractor Field

Special Abilities: Nerves of Steel, Force of Will.

Psychic Powers: Machine Empathy, Psychic Impel, Psychic Shield, Wyrd Psychic Ward, Telekinesis.

I shall post the rest of the retinue up tomorrow. Bear in mind that these characters will be split up across the whole campaign, coordinating operations under Revii's orders. And they are against the combined might of three ordos, in addition to the main antagonists. I was told to make them fairly powerful unique individuals. I hope I did so.

Thanks in advance


P.s All of the psykers and Revii have telepathy.