Well as everyone knows I'm just starting up BFG. Continuing my Necrons from land to space!!!

So I'm looking for good ideas on terrain now that I got my list all set up. I was thinking:

3 Necron Planets - large Styro balls from Michael's painted all black then drybrushed Grey then splotches of medium/dark green then stuck on a large flying base.

5 Moons - Small Styro balls painted Black then drybrushed Grey and stuck on a small flying base

9 Astroids - Smallest Styro balls, xacto knife takes cunks out then paint it dark brow then drybrush medium bron then add a little bleached bone to em'.

Sun - lamp pointed down at one corner of the table.

Table - either a black table cloth, or a sheet with space stuff on it... like in the craft/quilt deal section of wal-mart.

There's my ideas, let me know what you think. If anyone has some more good ideas lay em' on me!