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    Cityfight CTF ... Again


    The old thread seemed to die out before development of this idea matured.
    I'm pretty keen on working out a usable system for 40k ctf modes.
    Anyone care to expand on the thread below?

    Ideas from Quake 3 Team Arena:

    1. Classic 2-Flag ctf with a Flag in each of two team Bases at either end of a symmetrical gauntlet.
    Fight your way into the enemy base, steal their Flag and make it back to your Base intact.
    Gibbing an enemy Flag carrier makes the model drop your Flag on the spot.

    The model respawns in or near their own Base next turn, and another enemy model can pick up the Flag.
    But, if a friendly model gets into b2b with the Flag first, the Flag will teleport back to the friendly Base.
    If you make it to your Base with the enemy Flag, and your Flag is still there, you score a Capture.

    The enemy Flag teleports back to its home Base, and play continues. First team to 3 Caps wins.

    2. 3-Flag ctf involves a neutral Flag at Board Centre being carried to the enemy Base.
    It is otherwise similar to 2-Flag ctf except that there's always a bloody scrum for possession of Centre.
    Also, the Objective Flag never teleports unless it's Capped, or somehow moves off-table.

    I'm thinking of a way to use Blast weapons to simulate the "pushback" physics of certain weapons in Quake -

    These not only hinder Movement, but also help simulate the void/lava/acid/etc damage from Quake as well.
    Moving models off-table or into Impassable terrain would count as a frag for game purposes.
    A Push-back into Dangerous terrain would have the usual effects, etc.

    This would change the game dynamics quite a lot, and I'd appreciate feedback. First to 3 Caps wins.

    3. The game mode called Overload places an Objective, say a stone Plinth, in the Base instead of a Flag.
    To be fair, both Bases contain monuments of identical or very similar physical size.
    Players try to sneak or bully models into LoS and Range of the enemy Plinth, and Shoot it.
    A Plinth can only handle so much of this abuse before it "Overloads" and is destroyed.

    The number of Hits x Strength yields each shooter's damage score (10x S4 hits = 40pts damage)
    Monuments retain all damage, but shed 4pts of accumulated damage each turn that they take none.
    They will overload after absorbing 80 points of damage, and remain untargetable for 2 turns thereafter.

    These numbers ar eapproximations. Again, feedback is invited.

    4. Harvester mode is a type of co-op Deathmatch. Fragged models respawn next turn as usual.
    But a Soul marker is left in its place after it is removed as a casualty.

    The object is for each team to Capture enough of these enemy Souls to win.
    Models in b2b with friendly Soul markers "release" them, and these markers are removed.
    But, enemy Souls in b2b are Taken, and these markers move with a model until it returns to Base, or is fragged.

    If it returns to Base intact, its Taken Souls are added to the team Cap score.
    If fragged while carrying Taken Souls, its Taken markers are dropped and the fragged model's Soul added to the pile.
    First team to 11 Caps wins.

    5. Blast and Temp weapons: I'm thinking a reverse Scatter for models targeted with Blasts (using model's BS).
    Center the marker, roll for Scatter and a d6 and move *the affected model* the number of inches shown.
    Hit results resolve as a straight BS hit, but Scattering off-table or into Impassable terrrain would Instakill.

    Template weapons could double as Prox Mine launchers - an old 2in marker can be placed in a doorway, etc.
    The range of the Mine marker would be determined using the Flamer Template rules.
    Mines self-destruct every other turn and the markers are removed.

    Enemy models Moving over, or into b2b with, Mine markers Save vs a S4 Hit, and Scatter.
    Friendly models caught in a self-destruct will only Scatter in a direction determined by the marker's center.
    In both cases, the Mine marker is removed immediately, etc.

    6: Teleport and Jump Pad markers: These will really help support these play modes being used on a 4x6 board.
    6in basic Movement is just too slow to capture the fast-paced excitement of Excessive Overkill.
    Naturally, attempting to teleport a flag or Souls results in dropped Flag/ Souls.

    7. Weapon pickups, every model has 3W and Power Weapons, even Relics:
    Scout, Guard, Doubler, Kamikaze, and Invunerable:

    Scout increases your speed to 12in/ turn, but is lost if the model respawns.
    Guard gives +1W and +1ASv.
    Doubler increases all your weapon Strengths +1.
    Kamikaze iets a model self-destruct in a 5in, S8 Blast of Glory.
    Invunerability gives you a 4+ ISv, etc.

    I'm running out of time, so I'll stop here and check back later.
    Tia for any help with this.


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