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    Building a Campaign!

    Hey, I'm posting this here because I know for a fact that no one in the BFG campaign that I plan to host visits these forums, and I want some advice on the nitty-gritty of the design. My friends have a very high standard of excellence when it comes to campaigns and such, and I don't wish to disappoint. For the campaign we will have:

    1 Chaos Player
    2 Imperial Player (One will be loyalist, one rogue)
    1 Eldar Player
    1 Non-Alien player (either chaos or imperials)

    I plan to take one of the pre-built system maps for the campaign, with a couple twists. First of all, I will map all of the systems, with six clearly divided areas to more clearly generate terrain. Secondly, I plan to create alternate 'warp travel paths' between systems for the Eldar, because they use webway portals (and just to make the game a bit more interesting). Thirdly, I want to create some unique power for each player that they can use throughout the campaign. Something like Chaos being able to 'summon' escorts/small cruisers from the warp once per game based on a roll, or the Eldar being able to force their opponent to deploy first without going first (because they trick the opposing fleet out into the open.). Right now, this is highly in the developmental stages (It'll start 2-3 weeks from now, so I'm not rushing), so I'm pretty open to suggestions on how to make the campaign unforgettable.

    I'm going to make a 10 system map, methinks, and come up with a travel system like the campaign PDF. Also, I'd like suggestions on fluff reasons on why all these forces would have conflict in the area if anyone has any good ones, I'd definitely like to incorporate that into a varied ending fluff based on who wins the conflict.

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who gives advice

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    to make a good map, take a hubble telescope photo of a nebula and mark the systems and trails yourself with paint or something as simple. You can then add the system markings of the various factions and sendthem to players between games.
    If you want, I can send you a map of my own campaigns for comparison.

    ignore the premade maps- they're too narrow - make your own, with many corridors and twists. Also, I suggest to incorporate some politics between the Imperials and perhaps even add a 40k/ epic battle at the most important Systems.

    use plenty of minefields and space stations for defense of systems and make sure that each game is different and has a profound effect on the campaign. Convoy games are fun IF you ignore the original mission rules. A good thingto do if someone is attacking asystem to make two raids and one battle afterwards, with the raid effects influencing the final stage. Not all planetary attacks should be planetfall. Sometimes the destruction of the space stations and a plentary bombardement areenough to make the enemy surrender.

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    Special campaign rules? Well, lets see.

    Imperials: In Game: Assuming it's in an imperial system, allow them to call on the high orbit planetery defences of nearby planets?

    On the Map: Dunno....

    Eldar: In Game: Force Enemy to go deploy first, and get first turn.

    On the Map: Webways

    Chaos: In Game: Daemonships? Corrupting opposing vessels?

    On the Map: The ability to destroy planets?

    Just brainstorming a little, good luck! I plan on running a smaller campaign soon.

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