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    Necromunda campaign continues 3

    Local Fighting Update: Orks on the Rampage

    A recent outbreak of larger fights among the dominant gangs in the area have prompted warnings to all inhabitants of the area - remain in groups for safety and minimize movement. Most recently the Orks have won a sudden victory last week against the Quaos gang.

    The leader of the Quaos gang, J Topek, spoke to the settlers in his area, reassuring them of their protection.

    "In spite of withdrawing from the conflict with the Orks, we only withdrew because our weapons were having difficulties with too many jams. The Orks are big, dumb, and lousy shots which are fundamentally incapable of challenging the might of the Topek family and our Quaos gang. You have nothing to fear, the Old Ones are with us!"

    When asked for details, Topek repeated they would have won if not for the jammed weapons.

    When asked at what point the guns jammed, Topek repeated they would have won if not for the jammed weapons.

    When asked how many of his own forces had been wounded or out of action, Topek left quickly.

    Another member of the gang who was wounded in the fight and requested to not be named gave further details.

    "Wow! It was cool! You wouldn't believe how ugly the Orks are! And they seem to shrug off our shots! The guys are really freaked about how one of their orks took 6 or 7 hits without getting hurt! He was like, you know, a tank! Boss was swearing about his '5' Toughness, but I'm not sure what '5' meant. He was really tough though! Hey, check out my sword! I'm like a samry*, and I'm gonna slice and dice!"

    (* Samry are sword-wielding heroes from Homeworld fairy tales.)

    When asked about his own part in the battle, he mentioned that he ran forward with his Sword to engage the Orks in hand-to-hand combat but was wounded. Apparently he was charging across open ground in front of an Ork with a heavy stubber.

    Another gang member, "Yank" Hank Xochi, had more information.

    "It was an interesting fight since we never actually closed to hand-to-hand combat. Really the jammed guns didn't come into play until toward the end of the battle. Before that our shooting was off or just wouldn't wound the Orks. They quickly wounded two of our men, Mook and Rock. Mook charged directly at them and was gunned down by one of their Heavy Stubbers and Rock was hit even though he was behind heavy cover.

    "We seriously underestimated how well the Orks would shoot. Roll's Heavy Stubber jammed, then his backup Stubber jammed, boss's Grenade Launcher mostly missed and then jammed followed by his Autopistol jamming too. He managed to wound one of them with the Launcher, barely, but that was it. Screamer, Hot Stuff, Mike and I were all grouped to take down the group working around an abandoned building, but one of their guys was incredibly tough. We unloaded everything we had into him and he shrugged it off. After several rounds of gunfire back and forth, Hot Stuff had gone down, Zoltec had jammed, then went down to their Warboss. Screamer finally got wounded their tough guy, Crumpin', with his Crack Shot, but then jammed. I had taken out one of their other guys with my Shotgun, but then Screamer and I were the only guys left facing three of them, and I was the only guy with a working gun.

    "Goodie and the Ratskin Scout managed to pin their Heavies, but we were down to three unwounded guys with working guns, so J Boss called for us to retreat. We didn't get hurt much thanks to Rock who is a great Medic. Hot Stuff and Iron Mike were both pretty Shell Shocked, but Rock was able to get Mike back into shape, and Hot Stuff's experience helped him improve his Initiative so he's back to normal too.

    "We all learned a lot from the fight. I think I'm better at Attacking, Boss has gotten to where he can take a couple wounds without going down, and Screamer has gotten a lot better Initiative after wounding their monster Tough ork. We're ready to rumble and better than ever."

    Several local people were not nearly so confident though. Rumors that the Orks have been growing stronger has many of them worried. Several people who have managed some basic trade with the Orks have reported of greater Toughness, Initiative, Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, and special skills like Step Aside.

    Marachelle, wife of the local Guilder, expressed her thoughts.

    "We are willing to work with anyone who is willing to trade with us, but we are concerned about the Orks. They are not known for their trading. We stay out of local matters, usually, but the Orks have us worried. We sincerely hope the Horde will be able to succeed where the Quaos gang has shown to be inadequate."

    "J Boss" Topek overheard this remark and offered his own counter to Guilder Marachelle's statement, accusing her of knowing nothing about combat and various other accusations. She promptly stabbed him in the side with a hidden dagger before retiring to her aircar, leaving J Boss screaming.

    He is expected to recover based on his Medic's statment of "Oh come on, it's just a scratch."

    That is the latest news about gang wars in the area. Again, all readers are warned to be cautious when going out.

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    Great background!

    rep 4 u
    #25 - Relation to the original topic decreases with every single post.

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