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    Senior Member Malacoda's Avatar
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    2000 point Imperial fleet

    This is my first Imperial list. It will mostly be used for friendly games and friendly tournaments and the sort. There is no specific enemy. By all means, do your worst.

    1x retribution class battleship

    1x mars class battlecruiser
    fury interceptor
    starhawk bomber

    2x dominator class cruiser

    2x dauntless class light cruiser

    2x dauntless class light cruiser

    3x falchion class escort

    3x firestorm class frigate

    3x imperial sword class frigate

    3x imperial cobra class destroyer


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    Don't know really. I haven't played a list style like this at all yet. I do think you need a lot more Strike Craft, 4 squadrons is not going to cut it at 2000 points.

    Dominators I like, Mars I like. Might be be better with Exorcists than the Mars, but that's a personal choice.

    Dauntless seem good. I don't usually use them, but they are very nice and affordable warships.

    The Escorts confuse me a bit. Waaaaaay to far across the board for my tastes. You lose one squad of a certain type and then you completely lose that particular niche in the fleet (battery, torpedo, lance, etc)

    I personally do not like Firestorms at all, don't think they are worth the points for what they do. I usually only ever field one squadron of 3 if I use any at all. Never played with Falchions before so I have no idea. Both of Firestorm and Falchion look like split-roll craft, something I don't really like. They try to do two different jobs and don't seem to do either very well.

    Cobras and Swords are by far my favorite two escorts, I tend to include a lot of these in my fleets. Very focused and are function in set roles, take multiples of each squadron so you have back-ups in case something goes sour.

    I find that Imperial vessels do best when each ship or squadron has a dedicated roll and you back them up with multiples of the same niche or with vessels that compliment each other.
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    I can't say that I've played such an escort diverse / light cruiser heavy list, but my instincts tell me that you've spread things out a bit much to allow any one of the escort squadrons to be effective.

    First thing, you're really light on attack craft. Only four AC in a 2000 point list will get you swamped by Tau, Chaos, and Ork fleets. I would either trade out the Retribution for an Emperor or I'd try and get 1 to 2 Exorcist into the list in addition to your Mars.

    For the escorts, I'd take 6 Cobras over 3 Falcons/3Cobras. It's really the torpedos that you're going to want so I'd give those 6 Cobras the long range sesnor upgrade and ditch the weapons batteries. The Swords are great escorts. I'd also pick up another 2-3 to build out your squad to at 5 or 6 swords. People always under-estimate Swords, but imagine zipping into 30cm with strength 24 WB's! That will scare your opponent for sure!

    For the Cruisers, I'd pair up the Dominators with a Gothic in squadron. Then you'll have a nice distribution of WB's and lances once you get in close after firing a few rounds of the Nova Cannon.

    Lastly, you need an Admiral and I'd suggest taking a additional re-rolls at this point range.

    Hope that helps,


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