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    1.5 space marine list (new)

    Well I'm new to bfg and one of my buddies is trying to get all of us to play bfg in a big space/land campaign. Since I play marines, I looked through the rules and from what I can tell, their big advantage is the thunder hawks. So I designed my list around getting as much of those as I can. However I've only played one game and I might be completely wrong in my assessment. Anyways, here's my list

    Battle Barge (Master of the Fleet) - 475
    Strike Cruiser (x 6) - 870
    Nova Class Frigate (x 3) - 150

    Basically I figure the battle barge will get the majority of the shots in the beginning of the game (since it's the biggest thing out there), which will leave my cruisers unmolested enough to get close and launch as many thunderhawks as possible to destroy the enemy.

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    Not a bad fleet, but be aware that you're going to need to cluster your ships close together to get much real effectiveness out of them.

    The Battlebarge is awesome, easily capable of going it alone. Those Strike cruisers however, are going to need to work quite closely together - they're just not powerful enough to go it alone.

    Outside of point blank range its guns and even the dreaded Bombardment Cannons are going to be lucky to get more than one or two shots each, so you're going to need massed broadsides from a few vessels to do any really meaningful damage.

    More worrisome still is the Thunderhawks - they're good, sure, but with a mere 2 squadron wave, you're lucky if even one gets past enemy turrets. You'll need massed squadrons from several ships to reliably make hits on an enemy ship, but that means your cruisers need to huddle up in base to base contact - Nova Cannons and Torpedoes are going to love you!

    Speaking of Torpedoes, You could probably stand to have a few handy. Finding the points to take a squadron or two of Hunter class destroyers might be one of the best moves you could make - it's one of the quickest things outside of the Eldar and Necron fleets, tougher than usual for a destroyer type, and any group putting out a S6 torpedo salvo is a threat to be reckoned with.
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