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    Supression shield help


    I play Enforcers and I'm a bit unsure how the supressin shield works. I got an enforcer with supression shield and power maul. As the sield is a close combat weapon he get two attacks for having two weapons. These two dice are his str 5 maul. But do the shield get an extra dice so i roll 3 dice, or do I choose if I want to roll my two str 5 from the ganger, or the single str 3 attack from the shield?


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    I don't have my rulebook to hand but if I'm remembering right..

    This isn't 40k so your attack dice don't translate into actual attacks. Both sides roll all their attack dice and then pick one to add to their weapon skill and any relevant modifiers to get an overall combat score. The loser suffers a number of hits based on the difference between their combat score and that of the winner.. and yes, this means close combat is brutal and random.

    For two weapons, once you've calculated how many hits are inflicted you alternate between both your weapons, though you can choose which one goes first. In other words, if you score an even number of hits you need to split them 50/50 between the maul and the shield. If you score an odd number, you can choose which one gets the extra hit.

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