Imperial fleet list 2000

The Tempest "Apocalypse Class BattleShip" -490
Fleet-Admiral( LD 8 )
2 extra re-rolls
The Instigator "Overlord Class Battlecruiser" -235

The Retaliator "Overlord Class Battlecruiser" -235

The Incandescent "Dictator Class Cruiser" -220

The Eclipse "Dictator Class Cruiser" -220

The Purifier "Lunar Class Cruiser" -180

The Impeder "Lunar Class Cruiser" -180

Dusk Destroyer Squadron "Cobra Class Destroyer" -240

Total: 2000

The Overlords would be squadroned and placed perpendicular to the enemy ships to benefit best from their weapons.
The Apocalypse would be placed facing diagonally across the enemies bow.
The Lunars would be squadroned a facing straight across the table
ex| / ---->

The Dictators would provide attack craft support and line them selves up for torpedoing
The Cobras would all ahead full behind them enemy and torpedo them on the soft rear ends

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