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Thread: Few questions.

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    Few questions.

    I have a few questions.

    1. A fighter wearing flak armor is shot by meltagun. Does he have a chance to deflect a hit? 10+ throw.
    2. If a fighter deflected enemy fire, is he pinned or not?
    3. At start of the turn fighter is pinned, but has no friend in 2", so he cant try to stand. Is he able to try to stand, if a friendly model has runned to him and is standing in 2" in the same turn?
    4. When I start creating a new gang, can I hire some hired guns? Or I can do it after first fight?
    5. Downed model with 0 wounds suffers 32 wounds damage by some shots. First dice - flesh wound, still has 1 ws and 0 bs. Second dice - out of action. 30 more dices to throw. After the fight he throws just 1 dice or 1+30?

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    1. no, the maximum possible save is 6+ if a weapons save modifier takes the save beyond this then armour is ignored. for example in your case the flak armour would grant a 6+ save aginst the melta gun, the melta gun however has a save mod of -4 which takes the armour save to 10+ this is impossible to roll on one dice therefore the armour is ignored

    2. yes he is still pinned

    3. no the roll must be made at the begining of the turn before movement

    4. yes you can hire hired guns when you create your gang

    5. according to the errata you can gain one wounding hit expereince against a down fighter for every flesh wound or ooa result you roll against them. now since ooa means the fighter is no longer there it wouldnt matter how many wounding hits had be caused against him therefore i would say for this one that you would roll each dice one at a time until the fighter went ooa after that all other rolls are dicounted.

    after the fight assumning you mean rolling on the serious injury table you only ever roll once unless you gain multiple injuries.
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