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    New To BFG, Fleet Ideas: SM & Ork

    Hello everyone, I rarely post on LO, but often check the site for interesting threads and army lists. I've been really keen o getting into BFG to add to my 40k games. Right now I'm considering two fleets to coincide with my existing armies, SM & Ork, and have come up with a few ideas. I also will slowly be building a IN fleet too.

    My friend is also starting a Tau forgeworld fleet soon also, along with a chaos fleet. We intend to begin a campaign involving a whole subsector. Tau, Ork, and SM will be the primary forces involved.

    For now I'm just looking at starting 1000pts per SM and Ork fleet.
    Space Marine Fleet Ideas:
    Battle Barge -425
    2x Strike Cruiser -290
    4x Nova Class Escorts -200
    Master of Fleet -50
    + one reroll -25
    total: 990
    My chapter is fleet based, with its fortress monastary being a ramilies starfort (will be post in fluff section once rough draft is done and posted for critique), but will have three battle barges and ten strike cruisers.

    Ork Pirate Fleet:
    2x Kill Kroozer -310
    3x Onslaught -135
    3x Savage - 120
    3x Ravager -105
    8x Brute Ramship -200
    2x Warlord -80
    2x Reroll -40
    Total: 990
    I like all the upgrades a Warlord's ship can have, but I preferr an overwhelming amount of escorts, to get in close and ram and board enemy vessels. Great piratical fun!

    Concerning the BFG campaigning
    This game is really built around its campaign system which is great for me, because I've been dying to put my SM chapter through an Epic story written from th ebattles me and my friends fight. We plan to use the Planetary Assualt recommendation for every assault point being equal to 2000pts, along with using the planet strike expansion to kick off a planetary empires campaign, mixing cities of death for hive city batttles, and Apoc games for the finale battles. Mean while the space wars of BFG will consume the system! Total war!

    Anywho, I have a few questions concerning each fleets weaknesses and quirks. SM true to form don't really have a variety of ships to choose from, but the BB seems to be godly, while the Strike cruisers seem to be medicore. Escorts are beyond "fast" atleast in game terms. What advantages do SM have against my afore mentioned enemies?

    Ork ships are just plain fun, they have the look and style of uncertain firepower and if their ships will even hold together. IS being escort heavy a bad thing? Kill Kroozas look decent for their points.

    So tips? Advice? Criticism?


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    The Marines: not bad but I'm no Nova frigate fan. Rather Hunters/Gladii.
    Orks: Tau & Chaos will have a fun day of practice. Take Terrors to gain ordnance.

    Enjoy your campaign and have fun!
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