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    Genestealer cults in necromunda

    Hey all,

    So at my local club we use homegrown rules (as long as the majority of the club agress they are not ridiculous) and a few months ago we found this on Warvault.

    WarVault - Necromunda

    So far the have worked out exceedingly well, not overpowered (due to the fact the Purestrain monstrosities go down after 1 hit) but I have always wanted to field a Broodlord type thing, because in all the fluff they are the biggest baddest genestealers on the planet. So I tried my hand at writing up my own rules for one and thought I would post it up here.

    It is based on the Purestrain profile in the link above with a few tweaks to show how dangerous he is. I am generally horrible at putting a cost on things (usually it is drastically too high but in this case I don't know, the Purestrain regularly rips apart the entire enemy gang alone, well, when he doesn't die from the first shot.) so tell me what you think and screw with the rules to your hearts content.

    BROODLORD - 500 Credits
    A Genestealer Cult may contain a single Broodlord. If it does he functions as the Gang Leader meaning he may not be taken alongside either a standard gang leader or a Genestealer Magus.
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    6 8 0 7 5 3 7 5 10
    The Broodlord can infect people, just like Purestrain Genestealers and Hybrids.
    The Broodlord has a much thicker exoskeleton than even Purestrain Genestealers, giving him a 4+ Armour Save
    The Broodlord cause fear
    The Broodlord can never be pinned, can never break and is immune to Psychology, including Serious Injury results.
    The Broodlord never earns experience or advances in level.
    If the cult player wishes, the Broodlord can be left out of a fight to reduce the risk of detection.
    The Broodlord does not use equipment of any kind.
    The Broodlord suffers no movement penalty for moving up or down without a ladder.
    The Broodlord is exceptionally dangerous and if a "Captured" result is ever rolled on the serious injury table, one of two things happens.
    1) The Capturing player may release the Broodlord, he misses a game as he makes his way back to the gang.
    2) The Capturing player may kill him, collect the 500 credit bounty and cause the gang to be detected and outlawed. However due to the danger a Broodlord represents he will immediately infect D3 random gang members before he is killed. Roll a D6 to determine the infected on the following table.
    1 - A Juve.
    2/3/4 - A Ganger.
    5 - A Heavy.
    6 - Gang Leader.
    The Broodlord will never infect a non-standard Gang member.

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    The Patriarch in 2nd ed would have been used in the original necromunda
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    5 7 0 6 5 4 6 4 10
    (best guess stats from memory - they would also have possessed significant wyrd powers, telepathy mostly)

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Skull View Post
    2) The Capturing player may kill him, collect the 500 credit bounty and cause the gang to be detected and outlawed. However due to the danger a Broodlord represents he will immediately infect D3 random gang members before he is killed.
    So the gang immediately pumps the incapacitated xeno full of lead and as a result are totally boned?

    If the gang tries to trade him for a wad of cash it makes sense, though I can't think of any player that would trade a chunk of his gang and all of his territory unless they are already outlaws.

    But there should be no penalty for killing the patriarch where it lies - at least not for the winning team, the genestealer gang is screwed and it serves them right for getting their leader captured.

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    Hey if you look at my thread All those hard to find PDF's (sticked at top of Necromunda page) it has the rules that where published for genestealer cults
    "Should take you a while though because of your sloth like pace"
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