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Thread: A fleet is born

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    A fleet is born

    Right, I decided to enlarge the fleet to circa 2000 points, and have it fill these criteria:
    1) Able to do as many missions as possible. That's the basic scenarios and the Armada scenarios (eventually. ooh, that's daunting)
    2) Be able to play a bunch of legal smaller games from the varios sector lists
    3) Put up a competent fight
    4) Look very nice, and be fun to make
    5) Fit hand in hand with my 40k armies - IG (Cadian with a smattering of Catchans) DA and Adeptus Mechanicus Marines
    I want everything looking swish - counters, defences, the entire lot.
    6) Not cost the same as a morgage.

    Solar Armageddeon Campaign Fleet List
    This should be a 2k list without an admiral or re-rolls bought (that's you!)
    I want it to be able to work in raids and battles, even if not every ship is availiable (say repaired, or I want to change tactics as my opponent is Eldar/Ork/Chaos/Renegade imp - from the original list of course)
    Now, trying to be a all comers list (and not a spam list) means that i just won't be as strong as i could. However it means I don't have to do stuff like find 4x extra sets of weapon batteries, and it looks nicer.

    Emperor Class Battleship
    with Shark Assault boats
    - I love love love the fighters / bombers and how they work. And assault boats to rip up escorts (well, mix them with the bombers to hit capitals too)
    #Insert PIC Here#
    This can also be used instead of a space marine battlebarge on the SM appeals table (it says it on the page) It'd be criminal to not use that result if i got it, even though it's very slim (one in thirty six per successful appeal roll, which is a 5+)
    I don't see this being used that much TBH, Predominantly in large games - especially defensive ones.
    p.s. It costs different costs in the different sector lists

    Mars Class Battlecruiser

    Well, it sings, it dances, It does everything. This is likely to be the flagship, and a staple in my games.

    Lunar Class Cruiser
    # Insert Pic Here#
    - It's not my favorite, but as a short ranged scrapper it's ok. Best used as a companion ship in a squadron that doesn't need much reloading of ordinance (i'd save the torps for point blank and force turret priority with bombers hanging around)

    Dominator Class Cruiser

    # Insert Pic Here #
    - I like this one, blasts stuff to bits at range and when they close send alot of weapons fire into them.
    - Not actually part of the Solar list, but included (as for every three cruisers you can pick a non-sector ship, as per armada)

    Dictator Class Cruiser

    - Again, this satisfies my lust for fighters / bombers. I love it, and in smaller raids it's still useable (and in convoys where the fighters to protect from ordinance may well be crucial)

    Dauntless Class Light Cruiser

    - It's light, it's fast, It keeps up with SM strike cruisers to add extra punch, It is however more fragile. I chose the lance varient as I don't want to be throwing unnessecary reload orders about.
    - I think this will come into it's own when I need to escape a blockade / assault a planet.
    - Not actually part of the Solar list, but included (as for every three cruisers you can pick a non-sector ship, as per armada)

    Space Marine Strike Cruiser

    - Representing the Dark Angels I have, I chose the classic metal Model (It feels much more fitting to me with their distrust (which leads to problematic supply at times)
    - Now, it is fragile in the sense of how many HP it has, but it also has a great armor, Decent firepower and Launches Thunderhawks (fighter/bomber/assault boats with a save. They get +1 on hit and run attacks too, where a result of 2 or more... oh, your escort is dead.) Oh, and did i mention a bombardment cannon?
    - Also a good one for running a blockade / planetary assault

    Space Marine Strike Cruiser
    # Insert Pic Here#
    - Representing the Adeptus Mechanicus I have, I chose the Forge World Model as they'd have the newer ships, and it is beautiful (and very sleek!)

    Sword Class Escorts x5
    # Insert Pic Here #
    I like these out of the Imperial Escorts most, turn up on someones ass and blaze away, or more likely get mixed up in a fight vs opposing escorts. I expect them to die alot.
    - As nippy vessels they would go well escaping blockades, and Planetary assaults - ooh, my opponents best hurt them quickly.
    - I also have a theory about convoys - place them so they physically block ordinance hitting the transports.
    - Prease note these are more in Solar Fleet lists. But get marine rules! yaay! (oh, yeah, they're in Imperial colours. Which just so happens to be the same colours as my third marine chapter, the "Cadian Ravegers" astartes chapter. They are exactly the same as my cadian paint job, and rarely seen outside the Cadian system, exept in fleets.

    SM Hunter Class Destroyer x4
    # Insert Pics Here #
    - It even mentions how popular these are with Dark Angels in their one paragraph details. If they shot foam sticks i'd still take them.
    Now, I don't like cobras, but these have boarding torpedoes, and marines to crew them! Yaay! die bad escorts.

    Right, that's 1970 points, I can mess about with prow rams, and maybe a couple of fire ships for the rest

    Transports (600 points worth)
    ( to Increase as converting progresses)

    Heavy Transports x4

    Transports x4

    - Please note, fuel canister transports will double as fire ships (There's no way i'd use fire ships in a mission with transports anyway)
    The 2nd to come

    Orbital / Ground Defences

    Orbital Dock
    # Insert Pic Here #
    Again, poor LD doesn't help the likelyhood of my firing this, however it's launch bays will allow me to launch fighters as fast as I can reload to save up for a massive assault. Oh, and it's in some scenarios to boot.

    Air Base

    - In this sectormarines were with Imperials on the ground. I decided to include a Thunderhawk (and Shark assault boat) to make it look dioramic. I'd imagine there is a shielded storage area with the fighters / bombers kept underground, raised by lift (protecting them from orbital bombardments)
    The game plan is not to launch them at first, but they'd allow 4x more ordinance counters to be pumped out by my ships in space, as I save up for a massive wave. With their poor LD reloading could be troublesome, so firing point blank into assaulting ships is a last resort, and probably one shot (depending on luck)

    Defence Laser Silos
    # Insert Pic Here #
    - It helps keep the pressure on assaulting ships, and for lances is pretty cheap.

    Missile Silo
    # Insert Pic Here #
    - Well reloading with that LD is a appauling prospect, but they're so cheap that they're quite viable as a one shot weapon, which combined with the bombers makes turret defences choose which to defend from. and they're peanuts to buy.

    Admiral and Re-Roll counter

    It's nice to have counters

    Pictures of converting / painting etc will be posted as the project goes. This will happen over months (started 21/12/2010 )

    Last edited by stayscrunchyinmilk; December 22nd, 2010 at 01:33.

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