So, I've been playing Orks on Vassal in preparation of building a physical fleet when I move back home in the summer. My fleet as it stands consists of 1500 points of purely Terror Ships and Ravagers.

Reading the latest (2010) FAQs and rules though, I've discovered both some interesting new rules and a whole new fleet list in the form of the Ork Clanz list.

So here's where I am.. at first glance I like the Clanz list a lot. The idea of assault carriers seems delightfully Orky and, and I like the synergy it has with mega-armoured boarding parties. But it does seem to mandate getting a lot of escorts, and since I've depended so heavily on the sheer toughness and launch capacity of my terror ships, I'm a little nervous of switching.

So, to those who have seen the Clanz list, do you think it would still be possible to build a kroozer-ish ordinance fleet based on massed attack craft (and how would you go about it), or should I be sticking with my pirates? It's a pity as I love a lot of the clanz rules, I just wish there weren't so many mandatory escort squadrons.

I also noticed that the 2010 FAQ includes an option called 'Dakka Dakka' which lets you pay extra to fit a kroozer with extra turrets. I presume this is primarily meant to make Terror Ships less essential, but even though my list is mostly Terror Ships I'm still finding the option quite tempting having suffered at the hands of lucky bombers. I've also noticed that it's quite easy to strip CAP from ork ships by just flying over them and luring off all the fighta-bomberz into ill-fated bombing runs, so is this a worthwhile option or am I sinking all my eggs into one (or six) baskets? A terror ship with a warlord, extra power fields, boarding torpedoes and dakka dakka looks pretty formidable, but considering it costs as much as a Retaliator Grand Cruiser and has less effective guns and shields I'm a little leery still. Any advice either way?