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    Ork Clanz List 1500

    So, I've been running various kinds of ork ordinance lists over Vassal, and I think I'm starting to get used to it. However, I really like the new Clanz list in the 2010 expansion so I figured I'd try and whip something up for it.

    For those who don't know which rules I mean, they're available Here

    Anyway. Firstly, is this a legal list? I'm a little confused about how individual warlords and skwadrons work. Secondly, do you think it's a good list and how could I improve it?

    First Warlord
    Terror Ship - Torpedoes, Warlord, Extra Power Fields, Boarding Torpedoes - 215
    Terror Ship - Torpedoes - 185

    5 Ravager Attack Ships - 200

    Second Warlord
    Terror Ship - Torpedoes, Warlord - 185
    Terror Ship - Torpedoes - 185

    5 Ravager Attack Ships - 200

    Third Warlord
    Terror Ship - Torpedoes, Warlord, Mega-Armoured Boarding Parties, Boarding Torpedoes - 205

    5 Brute Ramships - 125

    Total: 1500 points

    The plan is to basically line up the fleets of warlords 1 and 2 (with the shielded ship slightly further forward) and cover the board in torpedoes and fighta-bomber waves. Warlord 3's terror ship is set up for hit and run attacks. Depending on how it goes I might consider making it an assault karrier, but I like the versatility of being able to switch between bombers and assault boats. The ramships are just cannon fodder, though if they manage an opportunistic ramming attack I wouldn't complain.

    So yeah. Thoughts?

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