I have put a selection of models I am considering to get to make up a warband of 6 (i will not use them all at once) Radical Inquisitor (he bellieves that through understanding slaanesh we can control chaos), a unsactioned psyker using slaanesh powers, a strange mutant/alien of unknown origin in a constant state of agony, a hired gun sharpshooter, a Van Saar Necromonda former gang leader addicted to slaught after the death of her gang and has since hunted down their killers (they were ambushed), an alien bounty hunter from a primitive world.

What do you think?

Links to pics of models bellow:
(inquisitor model)

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MAELSTROM GAMES - Human Alfred the Fearless, Monster Killer

(Van saar hive ganger)
Elite Viper Assasin (EVA) - Sci-Fi Female Human 54mm (x1 fig) - PZF003

MAELSTROM GAMES - Kaernus the Vicious