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    Alright, i loved the dark eldar so much in 40k that i went ahead and made a de fleet (despite everyone saying "no no, they're so lame, they only have TWO ships!!&#33

    Here it is, simple but to the point i think

    -3 Torture class cruisers with Phantom lances (1 has my dread archon)

    -12 Corsair class escorts with impalers on all (divided into even flight groups of either 3 or 4 depending on my mood)

    -3 extra fleet re-rolls

    (i will not be using mimic engines even though i realize their potential, but i feel that in most missions, regardless of if i get the extra move, i should be in range to fire on the first turn, and they would be all but wasted in a battle against necron or tyranid, so this is my plan for now, tell me what you think)

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    Vindicare, congrats for not listening to everyone else. You've picked a great fleet to play with, not only because it can be very effective, but also in that it is so rare. You likely won't find another DE fleet in most places, because they are very unpopular. This unpopularity stems from the fact that they are very unpopular in 40k. In BFG, they are quite powerful. They mostly play like Eldar, except they are a little less maneuverable, and have slightly better armour.

    As far as them having only two ships, that's rubbish. They have two basic ship templates, that's true. But those ships can be configured in a number of different ways, giving you 7 or 8 unique looking vessels. That's more visual variety than a Tyranid or Necron fleet.

    Now, as far as effectiveness, I'm afraid I can't comment aside from what I've heard from other sources. As I said, DE are rare and I've never played them nor seen them played. I would recommend you check out the Specialist Games Battlefleet Gothic forum as they have a few topics regarding DE there. You can link to it through the official BFG website.

    Now, I would suggest a 4th cruiser and a few less escorts, but again, that's just based on what I've heard. Also, vary the upgrades a bit. Not only will this give you different looking ships, but also make you're fleet more adaptable. Impaler modules are good, but I've also heard that Mimic engines are god-sends. Look into them and add some to your fleet. Oh, I see that you are aware of them. I would still suggest you add them to a couple escorts and see how you like them. Then, if you do, you can add more later as you add to your fleet.

    Hope any of this helps. Good luck. And btw, I wish I could face a DE opponent. Very curious to see how they play.

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